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Shadowing Scorpions: High School Senior Finds Her Career Path


Here at Scorpion, we’re all about learning, growing, and achieving new milestones. That’s why we jump at the chance to share the tricks of our trade with the young people of our community.

In one of these recent experiences, we worked with Brenna Andreoni, a senior at Valencia High School who shadowed our Scorpions for her Senior Class Project. Brenna stepped up to the challenge, spending 10 weeks with us, which resulted in a total of 56 hours of job-shadowing. During her time with us, she got a front-seat view of the website design and digital marketing world. It was her second time with Scorpion, as she previously shadowed us as a junior.

Here’s what Brenna wrote about her Senior Class Project with Scorpion:

“When I was assigned my Senior Class Project, I knew immediately where I wanted to job shadow... SCORPION!

During the spring of 2015, my Junior Job Shadow project was when I was first introduced to Scorpion. I had such a great experience that choosing Scorpion a second time didn’t require me to think twice. Unlike the Junior Job Shadow Project that required four hours total of job shadowing, the Senior Job Shadow Project required a minimum of 45 hours. I wanted to make sure I chose a place I could really benefit from, unlike the majority of kids at my school who either made up a business or went to work with their parents. (#cheaters)

During my job shadowing experience at Scorpion, I worked with multiple marketing teams, sales teams, the finance department, and the office management. I had the opportunity to observe what goes on behind the scenes. The thing I admired most about my time with each of the teams was being able to see how every person is needed in order to complete a website. Understanding how designers, coders, writers, project managers, etc. are all a part of the same team and how it allows for a faster/better product.

My favorite position on each team was design. I love how you get to take a client’s vision of what they want for their website and create something that will be even more amazing than what the client could have envisioned. I appreciate how each designer can implement their own personal touch of design. Due to my personal experience with Photoshop, photography, art classes, and some of my own art creation, I understand the time and thought put into every design.

When my job shadowing experience at Scorpion was completed, I honestly was sad to not be able to see all of the awesome people I got to meet. Everyone was so kind and made me feel a part of their team family.

The experience that I have had a Scorpion has allowed me to find my career path. For my future plans after I graduate, I will be attending COC to complete my general courses. I then intend to transfer to CSUN to major in graphic design. My long-term goal is to become a part of the Scorpion family. I am truly blessed for this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience as a high school student. I’m so happy to have met many wonderful people at Scorpion. Because of this experience, I can now say that I feel in control of my future. I now know what I want to do as my career.”

It turns out Brenna received an A on her Senior Class Project. With all of her dedication and hard work, we’re not surprised. Thank you, Brenna, for choosing Scorpion. We can’t wait to see the incredible strides you’ll take in your future career!