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It’s important to be able to see every dollar you earn and spend from your business. Scorpion technology gives you an easy-to-read visual dashboard so you always know where the money is.

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See Where Your Money Is  Going With Reporting Technology

Growing a business starts with making your money work for you. With reporting technology, you can instantly see which marketing strategies are working, where customers are coming from, and how you can get more of your best customers.

Having all the facts in front of you is what promotes smart decision-making, quick strategy implementation, and a full picture of how your business is doing at all times.

Scorpion technology brings reporting straight into your hands with our clean and visual dashboard. Our team works with you to show the numbers that will help grow your business.

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Take Action With Reporting Technology

Take the guesswork out of growing your business and start making smart moves and nurturing what efforts are working and implementing new strategies where it’s not. How? Tracking numbers, such as visits to your website, money spent on advertising, lead from social media, and other data will help you to know when and where to invest your money.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to know how your business is growing, where the money is being funneled, and what you need to budget for.

Scorpion Technology makes taking action on good and bad numbers easy. We show you easy-to-read visual numbers about your website, cash flow, and customers to help you make smarter decisions, fast.

See All Of Your Analytics In One Spot

Reporting can be complicated with numbers coming in from multiple sources. It can take time and energy to track everything and try to combine it all together and make sense of it all. That’s a lot of time and effort that could be spent communicating with clients, providing direction to employees, and growing your business in general.

With a visual dashboard fed by Scorpion technology, you can bring all of your sources together in one spot. We integrate where you are and have the in-house tools and team to make the analytics work for you.

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How to Get Started with Reporting Technology

What Kind of Information Can Reporting Technology Provide?

Reporting, also known as business reports, provides you as the business owner with informational insight about how the business is functioning from the inside and the overall health of the business.

Software that provides a reporting technology gives you real-time data about the health of your company at any given moment. That includes marketing, lead generation, advertising targets, and budget results.

Reporting technology removes the waiting period for official data reports and provides you with an instant look at how your business is doing, simply by logging into your account.

How Do You Choose Which Reports Are Most Important?

All your business reports are going to provide specific information that makes up the whole of your company. Most of the common reports you’ll need to pay attention to are your market analysis reports, trend, financial, operational, and performance reports.

Overall, there’s no one report that’s more important than the others. They all need to be tracked and analyzed for different reasons. For example, while your financial reports provide outlooks on your sales and revenue, your marketing report provides a picture of your business compared to your target audience.

When it comes to growing your business, an in-depth marketing report will help paint a picture of how your customer engagement is going, if certain advertising schemes are working, and how long customers are spending on your site.

How Do You Act on the Information from the Reporting Technology?

Business reports are meant to be used as roadmaps for the decisions you make when it comes to growing your company. That includes what kind of financial budget you can plan on, how much inventory you can buy, and how many new customers you gain year by year.

So what do you do with your reports as you receive them? The data is where you get the valuable information, so you need to first identify it, record it, and then extract the takeaway to act on what you find.

With reporting technology like what Scorpion offers, you not only get the important data from your reports, such as local market interest or advertising improvement potential, but you can also act on it using that same software. If you get your reports from other means, make sure you have a clear picture of everything your report gives you. Have each month’s financial report in front of you so you have a bigger picture of the financial health of your company. If needed, turn to third-party experts to help analyze your reports and identify areas of improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Reporting Technology?

    Reporting technology can pull together all of your information sources into one visual dashboard to show your data and give you guidance on what to do with it.

  • Why Do I Need Reporting Technology?

    If you can’t see your numbers then you won’t know where to spend your time and money to get new customers. Reporting technology can provide you with automated reports whenever you’d like to save you time and money.

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