The Right Technology For Your Local Marketing Needs

For local businesses, marketing to your ideal customers can be difficult. Finding the right solution that helps you pinpoint ideal local customers is a game-changer.

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Finding The Right Place To Be

A marketing strategy is only effective when it’s reaching the right customer for your business.

With the Scorpion local marketing platform, you can not only identify your ideal customers, but have the right technology to reach them.

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Advertising To The Right People

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your marketing budget go down the drain in an attempt to reach customers near and far. Unfortunately, without the strategy of targeting the right consumers, that's essentially what happens.

Scorpion’s platform uses powerful technology to ensure that your ad dollars are going toward finding your ideal customer. The platform uses a wealth of knowledge to analyze your advertising and its effectiveness.

Local Listings That Convert

Many business owners are finding that advertising in a local capacity is one of the better ways to appeal to customers looking to shop local or find services that are near them. However, it can be tricky to decide on what kind of ads to use and where to place them.

Google My Business and other local listing platforms are great places for potential customers to find you. Scorpion technology allows you to control and manage your local listings with ease.

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What is the Benefit of Local Marketing?

Having a focus on local marketing is essential for businesses who cater services in a local capacity, but it’s also becoming a source of growth for product-based companies too. Why? Because many customers are looking to shop more locally than ever before.

If you're a plumber looking to gain more clients in the D.C. area, you wouldn’t pay for a Facebook ad that targets people in Wyoming. Targeted advertising through local marketing makes the most out of your efforts and budget.

When you have a focus on local marketing, it not only helps build brand awareness with your customers but also increases your chances ofgaining loyal customers and building client satisfaction. Local marketing technology like Scorpion’s helps identify the customers you want to reach so you get the impact you’ve been looking for.

What is the Difference Between Local Marketing and Global Marketing?

Global marketing is when you strategize your marketing efforts to reach people all over the world. Generally, that applies to businesses that have a product that can be shipped or a service that can be performed remotely, such as IT or a virtual assistant.

As remote options become more popular, many small businesses are looking to expand their audience reach, but you need to be aware of your limits. For example, if you're a healthcare business, you are only allowed to practice where you are licensed, same with lawyers. However, if you can expand, it may be more prudent to first focus on local marketing, including building your brand with a target audience rather than trying to reach as many people as possible.

How to Get Started with Local Marketing

There are a lot of different ways you can ensure that part of your strategy to grow your business includes local marketing efforts. Search engines like Google make it easy to target your audience in a certain area with Google My Business and Local Service Ads.

You also want to make sure you optimize your website to include SEO keyword target efforts—especially if your business is a service. Make sure where your business is located and where you provide service is always up to date and high up on your website. If someone searches “injury lawyers near me” and their zip code matches yours, you want your website to be one of the top results pulled. SEO optimization will also help identify your content as relevant if you address keyword topics.

Make sure you have a healthy amount of reviews. Studies show, more than just advertising, consumers rely on reviews from their peers to help guide their product or service purchases. It also helps identify you in your area and increase your local marketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Local Marketing?

    Local marketing helps businesses focus their efforts on potential clients in their specific markets. Local marketing is crucial for service-based businesses that are looking for customers in a certain geography.

  • What Are Local Listings?

    Local listings are critical to businesses today. Google My Business and other business profiles allow you to create business listings that help potential customers find you.

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