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Scorpion technology helps you buy ads the smart way to save you money and get the customers your business needs. Our artificial intelligence software understands your ideal customer and helps them find your business.

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Manage All Of Your Advertising In One Spot

It can be difficult to keep your advertising strategies straight if you’re using multiple platforms. Not to mention keeping track of how your ads are doing and when it’s time to relaunch.

Save time and money by managing your advertising all in one spot. With Scorpion’s marketing technology, you don’t need to chase your data or worry about inaccuracies. With the information right in front of you, you make better advertising decisions faster and with real-time data in front of you.

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Smarter Search Engine Management

Sometimes spending money advertising on search engines like Google can feel like a complete waste of time and effort. Especially when it’s hard to see the impact of your ads. It can be difficult to know what’s working to bring traffic to your website and what’s falling short of your advertising goals.

The solution? Finding a way to monitor how your ads are doing on search engine sites and getting them in front of the right people.

Scorpion technology and our team help make smarter search engine decisions. Our artificial intelligence-led platform will tell you when and where to get your ideal customers.

Creative Content  Management For Your Advertising

Getting ads in front of the right people won’t mean much if your content doesn’t catch their attention and pique their interest. Half the battle of succeeding at digital advertising is coming up with messaging. No matter how many billboards you rent or Facebook ads you pay for, what you write is where it counts.

Having relevant and consistent content will only help you improve the number of customers you can get for less money. But how do you know what’s going to land with your audience?

Scorpion’s technology can bring together your content management and advertising to make sure you grow your business the way you want to.

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How to Get Started with Market Advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is when you market your business online through channels such as websites, streaming, social media, and email platforms. Usually, digital advertising comes in the form of landing pages, videos, popups, display ads, PPC ads, or content development.

Digital advertising is one of the most strategic ways to spread brand awareness. Why? Because, unlike billboards or newspaper ads, digital advertising can be used to target a specific audience. Data analytics can help identify your ideal user persona and get your ads in front of them.

How to Target a Specific Audience with Market Advertising

Using a platform that encompasses all your advertising efforts is the ideal way to manage the growth of your business. You see real-time results with the ability to make changes without having to check multiple platforms. However, the only way to get the results you want is to target the right people.

Understanding your user persona will help you identify who your target audience is. Once you’ve established who you need to reach, advertising technology can help you get your ads in front of them.

How to Take Advantage of All Your Advertising Avenues

Because the world has moved to a digital age, your advertising has to meet that need head on. That includes taking advantage of the advertising avenues that are available. Advertising encompasses more than just ads themselves. Your ads are just a small part of building brand awareness, you also need to focus on your content, your social media presence, andwebsite development with a focus on SEO.

Valuable content gives your audience more faith in your brand and the opportunity to land on your website on the top page of search engine results. A presence on social media provides your target audience a place to get to know your brand and build a bridge of communication. Your website is the foundation for your business and all your advertising efforts should land your target audience there. A well-developed website should pique your customers’ interest and inspire them to purchase your product or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Programmatic Advertising?

    Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, programmatic advertising makes automatic ad decisions for you to grow your business and spend less money to get your most ideal customer.

  • Why Do I Need Programmatic Advertising?

    Many businesses large and small are using this technology because it removes the manual effort from ad purchasing. If you aren’t, it puts you at a disadvantage for buying customer web traffic for your business.

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