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3 Ways to Get More Personal Injury Leads

Personal Injury
Caitlyn Blair

A steady supply of new leads is critical to the success of personal injury law firms. Remember: repeat clients cannot be expected. Once they've won their personal injury cases and received their damages, clients are ready to move on. Without a solid flow of personal injury leads, thus, you'll struggle to maintain your caseload. 

Thankfully, attracting new clients doesn't have to be that challenging. Keep reading to discover the best ways to score personal injury leads.

Create a Brand in the Community

Brand awareness is crucial for the growth of any business. Does the average person in your area know about your law firm? After an accident, would locals be quick to call your practice? If the answer is no, your local presence is not strong enough. 

Building a brand means getting the word out about your practice and making that message consistent. Every type of outreach plays into branding, including everything from your website and social media online marketing to conventional advertising. From billboards over benches to radio spots, you want locals to find your brand easily. 

The goal, of course, is to make an impression. No, potential clients might not remember your phone number or your practice's name in the first few moments after an accident. Still, they may be drawn to your website if they Google the right keyword and see your law firm pop up in the results. 

All this plays on the power of repeated exposure. The more often people hear about your practice, the more you'll feel like a friend — and the more comfortable they'll be getting in touch after an accident.

Branding Solutions for Scoring Personal Injury Leads

As you develop your brand, consider your core values and how you want to portray them to the public. What is it about personal injury law that inspires trust? How do you want to make a difference in your community? 

Next, determine how you'll get the word out. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Every personal injury law firm will have different traditional and digital marketing strategies depending on the prospective clients and the geographic location. You can start your strategy by optimizing your website, content marketing, and social media presence. The rest will come down to creativity and opportunity. 

Awareness-building options worth considering include:

  • Community events. Display your expertise with seminars or workshops that center around your legal niche. 
  • Sponsorships. Let locals know that you care about your community. Choose a few compelling causes to support. If possible, look for opportunities that relate to your practice area. If, for example, you help clients who have been in bicycle accidents, you could sponsor a local cycling club. 
  • Brand partnerships. Team up with another business for a mutually beneficial partnership. This business could be loosely related to your practice area but should not be a direct competitor. 

Showcase Your Expertise

Now that clients know that your firm exists and which legal services you offer, it's time to prove that you can provide results. After all, you're probably not the only personal injury law firm in town. Why should clients work with you when so many personal injury attorneys are happy to help? 

It all comes down to your expertise. Clients want to feel confident in your track record. If you've won cases similar to theirs in the past, clients will assume that you'll continue to deliver stellar results in the future. 

To give them a much-needed confidence boost, let clients know why you're the best resource. What do you bring to the table that other law firms lack? Perhaps you have experience in a specific practice area. Maybe you've won a multi-million-dollar case that recently hit the headlines. Don't be afraid to show off these successes. Below are three actionable tips to help you get started.

Case History

Your strong track record should be easy to find on your website and highlight your greatest legal victories. You should make case verdict pages as detailed as possible and include callouts to motivate clients to take action. 

Reviews & Testimonials

Don't neglect the power of social proof. Encourage clients to share feedback about their experience with your company, but ask permission before including any responses on your website. You can also share selected reviews and testimonials on your social media.


Don't forget to highlight any accolades from Best Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, or the American Bar Association. Awards relating specifically to personal injury will best showcase your experience and expertise. These can be listed on a separate webpage or celebrated on social media whenever you earn a new accomplishment. 

Advertise to Your Ideal Clients

A client-focused approach will help you make the most of every marketing dollar. While general brand awareness can be valuable, you should tailor your message based on your ideal audience first and foremost.

First, identify who, exactly, is your preferred client. This is a person who would, in your dream world, seek legal help and advice with compelling yet winnable personal injury cases. 

To strengthen your understanding of your perfect audience, create a client persona — a fictional version of your ideal client. This will help you understand what drives your preferred client and what it will take to connect with this type of person. 

To build an impactful persona, follow these simple steps:

  • Collect information about past cases and clients. Are there any patterns? Who, based on these details, gravitates towards your law firm? Consider age, income, and education level. These can provide clues about who your ideal client already is — or who it should be.
  • Create a fictional client. Don't be afraid to get specific. Draw on the age, gender, occupation, and other details of your clients but also mention deep-seated goals or challenges. What are this person's pain points? How would working with your law firm help this individual?
  • Create a storyboard. A successful storyboard should feature specific situations in which your ideal client might seek out your personal injury firm. Which type of accident would drive this person to your practice? Which keywords would they use to find you online?

Now that you understand what ideal clients are and how to identify them, you can tailor your approach accordingly. Everything from your website's layout to the tone of the content should be built around your persona. As soon as you make this shift, quality leads will be more likely to connect to your brand and take the first step toward becoming full-blown clients.

Level up Your Strategy and Get More Personal Injury Leads

Leveling up a marketing strategy for increasing the number of personal injury leads can seem intimidating, especially for beginners who have never dealt with this area of business before. It can also be time- and energy-consuming. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. 

If you'd like to score more (and better) personal injury leads, contact us at Scorpion. We'll help you create a strong marketing strategy to attract the best leads for your practice area. 

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