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COVID-19 has the world standing on edge. People are frightened and confused, and they are desperate for information from trusted sources. As a healthcare professional, you’re shouldering most of the burden—not just of testing and treating patients, but also of providing information and reassurance to guide people throughout the communities you serve.

You must be the voice of reason and hope during these tumultuous times. The situation is changing rapidly, but you have the power to communicate accurate, up-to-date information that can literally change the trajectory of this outbreak.

At Scorpion, we’ve increased our support team resources to give you the fastest possible response. We are prepared to help you:

— Create a communication plan, if you don’t already have one.
— Simplify and organize your COVID-19 data into a single page or section of your website with an obvious banner or link on the home page.\
— Provide relevant, local information specific to your community.
— Get the word out via social channels.

You’re standing at the front line against the pandemic & we’re standing with you.

We’ve Got Your Back.

Remember—even though the infection rate feels dangerously high, the vast majority of people reading your content are not ready for treatment. They just need information that they can trust. People are looking to their community hospitals and health systems, and we’re here to support you in this.

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You're Standing at the Front Line. We're Standing with You. 

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