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How To Attract Customers to Your HVAC Business

HVAC marketing strategy on paper

Updated May 2024. 

If you’re running an HVAC business, you already have a lot on your hands. 

Tuning up an A/C unit or cleaning a duct system is one thing, but HVAC marketing is new territory. The ins and outs of a marketing strategy can seem even more complicated when you have to handle all the responsibilities of running a business, from managing your bookings to ensuring quality customer service. 

That’s why it’s so important to rely on tried-and-true marketing tactics that will get customers to book with your HVAC business. Don’t waste time with the same old ideas that haven’t been working. It’s time to hone in on the strategies that will get you results. 

With the right tips, HVAC marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five proven ways to attract HVAC customers and grow your business. 

1. Create a Customer Referral Program 

What’s the best way to attract new customers? Engage your existing ones. While marketing has entered a new digital era, some things never change — word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective ways to get more people through the door.

If you deliver great HVAC experiences, you may already have customers telling their friends and family about your business. But there are plenty more who may be satisfied with their services but don’t think to spread the word. That’s where a dedicated referral program can help. 

A referral program captures the attention of happy customers and incentivizes them to share their experiences. For example, you can provide a discount code that customers can share with friends and family. Once those referrals follow through on their discounted services, the original customer gets a reward. 

A few examples of HVAC referral rewards can include: 

  • A percentage-based discount on their next service 
  • Entry into a drawing for a gift card or cash prize
  • A free tune-up, duct cleaning, or air quality check 

2. Stay on Top of the Google Algorithm 

When customers need HVAC assistance, they don’t have time to wait. Most customers will start their search on Google, using local search terms to find the best options in their area. In fact, 87% of customers use Google to search for local businesses. 

Mastering the Google algorithm is one of the best ways to attract customers. The more you show up on Google when potential customers are searching, the more business you’ll likely book.

There are two ways of doing this: Organically or through paid ads. 

Organic Searches

While there are plenty of paid options to boost your business in the Google algorithms, there are other ways to boost your visibility. Using the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you can increase your chances of appearing at the top of the organic Google search results. In fact, ranking high in organic searches can be even better than paid ads — searchers may be more likely to trust a company that appears without advertising. 

The best way to improve your organic SEO is to focus on keywords. Customers searching for HVAC services near them will likely use area- and service-specific keywords to find the best company. For example, “A/C repair near me” or “HVAC in Atlanta.” Finding the top-ranked keywords for your service area is the first step.

You then need to incorporate these keywords throughout your content. Blog content, website copy, social media posts, newsletters, and more can all feature a range of keywords that will help boost that particular piece of content — as well as your website and brand — in the search algorithm. Just be sure to avoid “keyword stuffing” or overusing keywords in a way that sounds unnatural. This strategy can backfire and lead to Google deprioritizing your content. 

Paid Ads 

While a strong SEO strategy can work wonders, it’s notoriously difficult for small businesses to compete at the top of Google’s rankings. That’s where Google’s paid ads can help. 

Search engine advertising lets you place advertisements at the top of the search results page. You can select relevant keywords when you set up a campaign with Google or other search engines. Your ad will appear at the top when customers search for those words.

3. Tap Into Video Marketing 

In the marketing world, content is king. But one kind of content dominates the digital marketing space right now: video. One study found that 91% of marketers use video content in 2023. And almost all the major social media platforms — TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. — are hyper-focused on sharing popular video content.  

While HVAC might not be the first niche most TikTok users have in mind, the home services industry can also tap into the potential of video marketing. After all, so many people rely on HVAC companies to keep their homes running smoothly, so there will always be a market for your content. 

Whether on your Facebook page or TikTok account, try sharing videos to spread the word about your business and educate (or entertain) your customers. Content like how-to videos for quick fixes, maintenance tips and tricks, or a day in the life of an HVAC technician might be just what you need to capture the attention of a new audience. For platforms like TikTok, try imitating popular trends on the app or use trending sounds to expand your reach.

4. Invest in Email Marketing 

While traditional marketing strategies like direct mail, TV and radio ads, or billboards aren’t as effective as they used to be, many potential HVAC customers also aren’t as active on social media. So how do you reach the customers that fall in between? 

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers of all demographics in 2023, and HVAC services are no exception. 4.3 billion people used email worldwide in 2022, with 99% checking their inboxes daily — sometimes up to 20 times a day. 

For your HVAC company, this can be huge advertising potential. It’s also cost-effective for many companies. For every dollar spent, you can expect an average return of $36.

Focus on growing your email list by adding a website pop-up and advertising your email offerings. You can even provide an incentive (like a free resource or discount code) for signing up. Once someone is on your list, make sure they get a regular flow of emails to keep your company top of mind. 

For example, you can send: 

  • Monthly newsletters with updates on your services 
  • Valuable tips and tricks on HVAC repair
  • Seasonal reminders for HVAC maintenance
  • Alerts for new promotions

5. Focus on Your Local Service Area 

Beyond location-specific keyword strategies and geotargeted advertisement, don’t forget the value of direct local engagement. That means learning more about your customers and engaging with them directly. 

Try joining local groups on platforms like Facebook, Nextdoor, and Alignable. Immerse yourself in the local community as much as possible — you’re not advertising to them so much as you’re advertising with them. Like posts, reply to comments, and engage with the people who would need your services most. 

Of course, local engagement shouldn’t start and end online. Try distributing flyers in your neighborhood, volunteering at community events, starting a local donation drive, or sponsoring a youth sports team. All these partnerships will raise awareness within your community and establish deeper bonds of trust that can lead to fulfilling long-term relationships. 

The Right Strategies To Attract HVAC Leads 

Even if you provide top-notch services, it can be challenging for small HVAC businesses to get a foothold in today’s competitive industry. A clear and targeted strategy for attracting new leads is essential for growth. 

Even if you’re satisfying your current customers, you want to build awareness and attract new clients. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Scorpion’s all-in-one platform and expert marketing strategies can help you reach your growth goals. 

Learn more about our HVAC marketing services, or get started today.

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