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An HVAC Tech's Guide to Customer Experience

HVAC customer experience tips

There’s more to running a successful HVAC company than you might think. Even if you have the best technicians prepared to deliver top-of-the-line services, it’s hard to break through in this industry without a great customer experience and stellar HVAC marketing

These days, customers demand more from the home industry companies they work with. They don’t just want their HVAC unit fixed — they expect a smooth, satisfying experience from beginning to end. Improving customer experience means building a relationship that goes beyond a single appointment. 

From bookings to appointments to follow-ups, it takes the right customer experience strategy to deliver what your customers are looking for. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to improve the HVAC customer experience.  

Why Is Customer Experience So Important? 

No matter the industry, one fact holds true: Customer experience is king. It’s the heart of any relationship between a business and its customers. 

What exactly is customer experience? Every interaction along the customer journey, from the first time they open your website to the moment they finish the appointment, is a part of the customer experience. 

When done right, investing in customer experience can have powerful results. Customers are more likely to make sales and stay loyal to the brand. In fact, 89% of customers say they’re more likely to make a purchase after an excellent customer service experience. 

The levels of customer satisfaction can even have a direct impact on your bottom line. A satisfied customer can lead to 2.6 times the revenue of a somewhat satisfied customer and 14 times the revenue of a somewhat dissatisfied customer. 

These days, customer expectations are higher than ever before. It’s never been easier for a customer to turn to the competition since most are just a Google search away. A study showed that 96% of customers would leave a business after a bad experience. 

What About Customer Experience for HVAC Professionals? 

It’s clear that customer experience matters in all areas of business, but what about in the HVAC industry?

Think about the average HVAC client. Maybe the air conditioning stopped working in the middle of summer or they’re dealing with recurring ventilation issues. They’re already stressed about getting the problem fixed without blowing their budget. When stress levels are high, customer experience is more essential than ever. The easier you can make it for your customers to get the assistance they need, the better. 

Great customer experience doesn’t just benefit the people who need your services. In fact, customer satisfaction can be your greatest marketing asset. When customers are happy with your services, they’re more likely to come back. More than that, they’re more likely to recommend your services to family and friends — drawing more HVAC leads into your sales funnel. In a survey of around 400 homeowners, 97% said they would recommend a company to friends and family after a great customer experience. And 82% said they would share a review about their experience online. 

A loyal customer can provide better marketing than any paid advertising strategy. Not only will they keep coming back for HVAC maintenance and repairs, but they’ll also pass on word-of-mouth praise to people they know, which can keep your business growing year after year. By forging long-term customer relationships built on trust and communication, you're investing in the future of your company. 

How to Improve the HVAC Customer Experience

What does it take to create a great customer experience? How your HVAC field technicians interact with your customers matters, but it goes further than that. From the moment a customer makes the appointment to the moment the technician leaves their home, it takes a whole customer service team to meet — let alone exceed — customer expectations. 

Here are some of the top strategies to improve your HVAC customer service, along with how Scorpion's marketing tools can help you make it happen.

1. Make Every HVAC Call Count 

The first impression is a lasting one. And for most HVAC companies, the initial contact will come through a phone call. Some customers may be seeking immediate services after an emergency, while others may be calling with questions. 

When customers call, your team needs to be ready to focus on their concerns. That means calling back after missed calls and voicemails on the same business day. When inquiries go unanswered or clients are left on hold, this gives the impression that you don’t value them as customers. They may even take their business elsewhere. 

A marketing service like Scorpion can help bring more qualified leads to your doorstep, increasing your daily calls. How you handle those calls, however, can make or break the customer experience. Take the time to understand their issues and be prepared to answer any questions with composure and a friendly, empathetic tone. The way you speak to a customer in your first interaction sets the tone for your entire relationship. 

2. Be Prepared to Give an HVAC Quote Right Away 

In the HVAC industry, time is of the essence. That means customers want quotes as soon as they can get them. The longer it takes to get a quote, the more frustrated customers can become. If it takes too long, they may turn to an HVAC company more prepared to give a price estimate. 

Part of a great customer experience is giving customers something to work with as soon as possible. Be prepared to have technicians give a quote on the spot when possible. 

It’s also important to advertise your same-day or next-day quote guarantee. With Scorpion’s landing page management, you can make it easy for prospective customers to see how quickly they can get their estimate or quote. They’ll know exactly who to contact and how long it would take, which helps to manage customer expectations and provide a smooth experience from beginning to end. 

3. Simplify the HVAC Payment Process 

Many HVAC companies still work with outdated payment technology. For both the customer and the field technician, it can be a hassle to figure out card information and process a payment after the job. 

The solution? Digital payment processing. When customers can pay through their computer or mobile device, it simplifies the invoicing process and makes payments quick, easy, and secure. 

Scorpion’s payment technology allows customers to pay through a seamless online system. Whether they want to pay ahead of time or on-site, they have flexible payment options through credit cards, debit cards, or mobile apps.  

4. Follow Up for HVAC Repair Feedback 

The customer experience isn’t over when the job ends. After the HVAC technicians leave, it’s time to follow up with a phone call or email. The purpose of this check-in is to make sure that everything went well. This shows the customer that you care about their experience and are committed to making things right if they aren't satisfied. 

In this follow-up, you can ask about their experience and provide a final word of advice to maintain their HVAC systems before the next visit. This is also a chance to add them to your email list for future promotions, discounts, and other valuable resources. 

With Scorpion, it’s easy to set up automatic emails to improve the customer experience. Our email marketing technology helps you stay connected with your customers long after their HVAC appointment, setting the foundation for a long-term relationship. 

5. Show Your Expertise With HVAC Resources

Most customers don’t know much about air conditioning or heating systems. That’s why they turn to professionals for expert advice and repair. One way to improve the customer experience is to position your company as a reliable expert on all things HVAC systems. 

Field techs can have a hand in this process by breaking down the basics of their work in simple language. Before the appointment, they can take the time to describe exactly what they’re doing and how long it will take to set expectations before the work begins. After the appointment, they can also recommend preventative measures to keep their HVAC systems in top condition. 

Another way to do this is through your digital customer experience strategy. A website offers the perfect platform for informative blog posts on all things HVAC, from DIY maintenance tips to video product demonstrations. Customers will appreciate the HVAC companies that make an effort to make this information accessible.

Scorpion’s content marketing strategy helps you create high-ranking content that informs, educates, and entertains. With the right content creation strategies, you can improve the customer experience and build brand loyalty without direct advertising. 

6. Use Social Media to Build HVAC Loyalty 

Any kind of customer interaction plays into the customer experience — social media is no exception. Maintaining an active social media presence is a great way to engage with both prospective and returning customers. 

The more responsive you are on social media, the more you can show customers you care about their needs. Whether you’re answering questions, thanking customers for their feedback, or being transparent about your HVAC services, the right strategy can encourage a positive customer relationship. 

It can be time-consuming to manage your social media presence, especially on more than one platform. That’s why Scorpion offers social media technology to help you stay on top of all your accounts. With our dashboard, it's easy to make posts, track performance, and engage with your customers all in one place. 

7. Put Communication First for HVAC Appointments 

Throughout the customer journey, communication should be your top priority. When their essential heating and cooling systems are at stake, customers seek constant communications from the HVAC company they put their trust in.

It’s important to put communication first and stay in touch with your customer throughout the process. You can send upcoming appointment reminders, advise them what parts they’ll need for installation, and let them know they can still stay in touch post-appointment. 

With tools like email marketing and chat services, this kind of fast-paced communication doesn’t have to be difficult. Scorpion can help you quickly and easily communicate with your customers from day one.

8. Focus on Professional HVAC Branding 

In the home services industry, appearances are important. The way your HVAC techs represent the brand is important, from the look of their uniforms to the cleanliness of their van. When technicians are dispatched to a customer’s home, they should always look their best. 

This goes beyond the issue of dress code and hygiene. It’s also about the way they present themselves to clients. HVAC field techs should always come with a smile on their face, along with a respectful, personable, and attentive attitude. 

Of course, HVAC branding is so much more than how your technicians treat customers. Every time a customer interacts with your company, the branding should be consistent and professional. For example, the look of your website can offer a powerful first impression to a customer, whether good or bad. A clean, well-designed website with easily accessible information and an attractive logo can go a long way toward improving the customer experience. 

Scorpion can help you craft a website that reflects your company’s professionalism. Our website services are made to elevate the online experience with a clean, efficient, and straightforward design that projects confidence in your HVAC services. 

Taking HVAC Customer Service to the Next Level 

Every positive interaction with your customers counts. From the first phone call to the post-appointment follow-ups, how your HVAC company engages with customers can have a powerful impact on your overall growth. 

When you invest in building strong relationships, you’re rewarded with loyal customers who advocate for your services and come back for appointments again and again. Over time, these relationships can produce powerful results, from revenue growth to a boost in online reputation. 

So, how can you win over a customer’s loyalty? A lot goes into the customer experience, from your website’s booking information to your follow-up emails. At Scorpion, we have the technical solutions to make your customer experience the best it’s ever been. Learn more about our HVAC marketing support, or get started today to see the results for yourself.