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2023 Trends: Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury
Andrew Adams

2023 is a new year and a great time to start your marketing journey. Marketing for personal injury attorneys is constantly evolving, but this year has some key trends. These include using social media to showcase your firm's results, tailoring your website to show your expertise, making yourself available via chat and email, and creating a unique customer experience.

Learn more about 2023's top trends for marketing for personal injury attorneys.

Top Trends for Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys

There are several trends for marketing personal injury attorneys that can help you build your brand and reach your target audience. Your lawyers will appreciate the extra work that comes in from the boost in your firm's reach when you focus on taking the following steps and using the right marketing tools.

1. Showcase Results 

The first thing any law firm should do is focus on showcasing results. So use your social media pages and create informative video content. Highlight your lawyers, assistants, awards, successful cases, and anything else that separates you from the competition. 

Sign Up for Social Media

The first step is to sign up for various social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. There, you'll build a brand page and start working on creating trust between your firm and your audience. 

Since your target audience may not be familiar with you or be confident in your brand, share positive stories and results with them. Whether you have a news report to share or a final judgment to discuss, the right content can boost your trustworthiness.

Link to Video Content

Video content is an excellent way to show off your results. Many people prefer to watch videos. Try TikTok or Instagram Reels to reach large audiences with content that matters to them.

You have options with your videos, including creating educational content and asking your lawyers to discuss past cases or topics that matter to them. Doing this will create familiarity with your brand while educating your audience on why they should choose your firm.

You may also want to ask past clients if they'd be interested in creating testimonials for you. If they're happy to share their stories but don't want to be in the videos, consider hiring actors to fill in for them. Your audience will love seeing honest feedback and hearing about what you do. Your videos may encourage them to call you or give them more education on essential topics.

Videos are also beneficial because of their potential to go viral and reach a large audience. To help make that possible, don't forget to use applicable hashtags, like "#personalinjuryattorney" or "#familylawcases," to reach the people who need to see what you do.

2. Show Off Your Expertise

Show off your expertise to maximize your time with your digital audience. Create at least one page on your firm's website spotlighting your awards and success stories. And if you have positive reviews, make sure to highlight them.

In all of your brand's content, it's smart to include any major accolades. For example, are you one of your state's top 10 law firms? Set up your branding to include a logo to show this important award whenever you post content or respond to an email. 

You can also show off your expertise with digital ads. Using digital advertising, you can ensure that people in your local area (or your target area) see that you've won a prestigious case or award. There are different ways to advertise, ranging from cost-per-impression to cost-per-click, so make sure you talk to our marketing professionals to work out a social media strategy that's right for your law firm.

3. Make Yourself Available

Marketing yourself means making yourself visible. Once you're visible, being available to prospective clients is vital.

Taking your brand online means making yourself available to your current and potential clients at the push of a button. With just a few clicks, they can chat with you, email you, message your team, or fill out an online contact form. Depending on how busy your firm is and how big of a support team you have, you might be able to respond almost instantaneously to current and potential clients. 

It's a good idea to have at least four contact options — chat, email, web forms, and messengers — available across your website and social media platforms to capture the most leads. The more available you are, the more likely people will want to work with you.

Here are some examples of how you maximize your availability:

  1. Turn on Facebook Messenger and take incoming messages from potential clients.
  2. Get a chatbot for your website to answer simple questions and direct specific inquiries to a live agent.
  3. Schedule a LIVE show on TikTok with a personal injury attorney who answers questions from the audience. 
  4. Focus on content marketing emails that give people a direct line of communication with your firm.

All of these options create openings for people to reach out to you with the leads you're looking for. Many can be customized, so you can choose the hours you'll answer. At other times, any inquiries will be sent to your mailbox so that you can address them during your regular business hours.

4. Create the Ideal Customer Experience

What is the ideal customer experience? For your law firm, it probably looks like positive results that your clients are satisfied with. Marketing for personal injury attorneys should always put the client first.

A positive customer experience doesn't necessarily start in your office, though. It may begin online. 

You need to start with the basics to give online visitors the best possible experience. Your website should be easy to navigate, and your Google Business Profile — including phone number and address — should be up to date. You want to make it easy to find your firm online and off so that you don't miss out on leads because of confusion.

Once you get your base information correct online, create your content. Your content should focus on your firm's areas of practice. So, for personal injury, cover topics like:

  • How to collect compensation after an auto accident
  • How much money someone might be entitled to after falling on another person's property
  • Negligence and how it affects personal injury cases
  • The likelihood of winning a personal injury case with no witnesses

Cover topics in the news to keep your firm current. Don't be afraid to give your opinion, but include a disclaimer that you're not establishing attorney-client relationships.

Once you build up a solid website and good content, you'll be better positioned to help the people who reach out to you. Once they do, get back to them quickly to avoid dropping any leads in the final phases. 

Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys With Scorpion

If you think marketing for personal injury attorneys is too time-consuming or difficult to handle on top of your caseload, don't fret. Our team at Scorpion helps law firms just like yours. This is the place to start if you want to rank high on search engine results pages and expand your firm's access to higher-paying cases.

Reach out to Scorption to get started today.