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Building a Brand: A Guide for Home Services Businesses

Home Services

No matter which type of home services business you own, you likely have competition in your area. For example, if you’re an HVAC business owner, other HVAC businesses likely service the same geographic area as your company. Due to this competition, it may feel difficult to stand out and be memorable among your target audience and potential customers.

The good news is that branding can help.

Continue reading to learn how to establish a brand presence that makes new customers want to do business with you, and existing customers return for more.

Home Services Branding

Home services branding is part of your marketing strategy — it’s the process of establishing an image, identity, and tone for your business that defines what your home services company does and stands for. It also helps you build relationships with your prospects and customers.

Basics of Branding

When it comes to building a brand, start with the basics. Here are some important first steps to take:

  • Create a mission statement.
  • Decide on a logo and slogan.
  • Set your brand’s tone.
  • Identify and define your buyer personas.
  • Establish your services and pricing.

Why Branding Matters

Home services branding matters because the process is directly tied to how your customers view and interact with your company. It impacts your ability to increase brand awareness, customer retention, customer loyalty, and your website’s search engine ranking.

Here are some more reasons why home services branding is so important — it helps:

  1. Make a good impression on prospective customers and existing clients.
  2. Ensure your home services business stands out from the competition.
  3. Define your services and pricing.

How to Improve Your Brand

Next, let’s discuss how to evaluate and improve your brand now and in the future. Remember, branding is an iterative process so don’t be afraid to test and learn as your home services company grows.

Use home services digital marketing strategies.

Home services digital marketing (which may be referred to as online marketing or internet marketing) is the process of promoting your home services business and driving ROI via digital channels, including social media, email, and the web. Below are examples of commonly-used digital marketing efforts that can help you build your brand.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads are a form of paid ads that get your brand in front of the right audience at the right time (e.g. when an individual is actively searching for a home services business like yours). They can increase your brand’s reach and engagement online (and even your foot traffic if you have a brick-and-mortar location). Google Ads are also budget-friendly — choose where your ads are displayed and pay only when a prospect clicks on them.

Google Local Services Ads are especially beneficial for local businesses and home services companies because they appear in front of those who are actively searching for a company like yours in your geographic service area.

2. Social Media Marketing

With over 4.7 billion social media users today, it’s safe to assume your target audience is active on one or several platforms. So, create a brand presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to increase awareness, build a following, and engage your prospects and customers.

You may also create paid social ads, like Facebook Ads, to ensure information about your home services business is being shared and promoted in front of members of your target audience on the platforms they frequently visit.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep your brand top of mind among leads and existing customers. Send emails promoting your home services marketing campaigns, content, and promotions. For example, as the seasons change, send an email to your base of customers with a special offer for preventative pest control maintenance.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is often used as a brand awareness and brand-building strategy — it entails creating specific content-based marketing materials to promote your home services brand across different channels and then sharing them with your audience. Today, many content marketing channels are digital (e.g., blogs, videos, and podcasts) but they may also include traditional channels (e.g. direct mail).

Prioritize search engine optimization (SEO).

Finding ways to get more eyes on your marketing materials and website are important aspects of a home services brand strategy. To do this, search engine optimize all of your web content. Home Services SEO ensures your business ranks on Google and other search engines when prospects are looking for companies and/or information that can be found on your website and throughout your content.

Here are some tips for improving your brand’s ranking and presence in search results:

  • Create a Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business) so your location on a map, hours, contact information, customer reviews, and more appear in the Google search results.
  • Invest in local SEO practices, including Google Local Services Ads so your brand is shown to individuals who live in your geographic service area.
  • Use SEO services, including Semrush, Afrehs, and Scorpion for any search engine ranking and keyword support you may need.
  • Collect customer reviews (particularly Google Reviews) so prospects can easily read about your services, stellar customer service, and pricing.

Think about web design.

Website design impacts how your target audience thinks about your brand. If a prospect lands on your website and its design is easy to use, looks professional, and clearly communicates your services and pricing, you’re more likely to convert those visitors into customers. Meanwhile, if web design isn’t representative of your brand, makes for a complex user experience (UX), and doesn’t accurately communicate your offerings, your home services company will have a hard time growing.

Use a home services marketing tool.

You may be thinking that although home services branding is important, it’s also time-consuming. Make your branding more efficient by investing in a digital marketing service or even a digital marketing agency/home services marketing agency.

For example, a cost-effective tool that helps deliver the results you’re looking for is Scorpion, a marketing software for home services businesses. The tool has many features that will help your brand stand out in whatever home services industry your business is in.

Measure the success of your home services branding efforts.

Track and measure the success of your home services branding. Here are some metrics that can be used to help your business determine the overall health of your brand:

  • Social media engagement rate
  • Web traffic
  • Search engine rankings
  • Content conversions
  • Ad conversions
  • Customer sentiment
  • Video views
  • Brand mentions

Track and analyze these metrics via the social platforms you’re using, Google Analytics, and/or a marketing service like Scorpion (which brings together your home services marketing analytics in a single dashboard and automatically measures all of your marketing activities).

Build Your Home Services Brand

Home services branding is how you accurately and clearly communicate your company’s mission, services, and pricing to your target audience. It helps you attract more prospects, convert them into paying clients, and make your business memorable. Use the above strategies to establish a home services brand strategy that drives ROI.

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