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5 Tips on Creating Content for Your HVAC Customers

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Casey Shull

Updated May 2024.

The right HVAC content marketing strategy can take your business to the next level. Whether you want to rank at the top of Google's search results or convert more people into customers, a content strategy will help you achieve your goals. 

So, how do you create HVAC content that makes an impression? In this HVAC content marketing guide, we’ll walk you through the tried-and-tested content strategies for reaching more customers.  

What is Content Marketing for HVAC? 

While content marketing is a form of advertising, it’s not the same as traditional advertising. Instead of giving customers a sales pitch, content marketing focuses on engaging with customers and giving them something of value. This subtle and authentic approach is what makes content marketing so effective. 

For the HVAC industry, content marketing helps prospective customers realize how your services can solve their problems. It increases visibility and brand loyalty while also giving customers an incentive to keep engaging with you—whether that’s through booking an appointment or signing up for your email list. 

5 Tips to Create Content For HVAC Customers 

From increasing brand recognition to nurturing customer relationships, great content is the foundation of an effective HVAC marketing strategy. Without powerful content, even your most strategic marketing efforts can fall flat. 

So what are HVAC customers looking for? And how can you create content that appeals to your audience? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

1. Create an Optimized, Well-Designed Website  

In today’s digital world, it might seem obvious that you need a website for your HVAC business. But the type of website—and the quality of its design—can elevate your online presence. 

When designing an HVAC website, imagine you’re a customer stumbling across this site for the first time. What information would they want to know first? How quickly can they navigate to important pages, like service descriptions or call-to-action buttons? Most importantly, is navigating the website a smooth and easy experience? 

Beyond the design, you also need to make sure the site is well-optimized for quick and easy browsing. If it takes too long to load, you could lose valuable customers. In fact, according to our research, 54% of consumers looking for home service providers make their decision in 4 hours or less. If your website is faulty or confusing, you're potentially losing out on valuable traffic. 

The site should also be optimized for mobile users, who make up 85.38% of internet traffic. Mobile optimization means making the mobile website just as easy to look at and scroll through as the desktop version. The content should be readable, easy to navigate, and load quickly. 

2. Include SEO Keywords in Everything 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that makes it easier for people to find your website. Using keywords, backlinks, and other SEO strategies can boost your content for search engine algorithms. 

In the oversaturated and competitive world of HVAC marketing, it won’t be easy to make it to the top of the search results. But with the right SEO strategy, you can start ranking for the keywords that matter most. 

Everything should be SEO-optimized, from website copy to blog content. Add key terms throughout your written content, like “A/C repair near me” or “emergency HVAC services in _[city]_.” Don’t forget to include these keywords in your headers, page titles, and meta descriptions, too. Rely on SEO software such as Scorpion's Ranking AI to help identify which keywords your site lacks and how it can rank better. 

3. Put Google Search Results First

For the HVAC industry, Google should always come first. That’s because Google is the first place customers turn to when they need your services. 

But how can you tap into these customers who are looking for information first before contacting you? In addition to a solid SEO approach, use a blog content strategy to reach them.

Not everyone who searches on Google is looking for services right away. Many customers turn to Google to learn more about the issue they’re facing and how to solve it. For example, someone with an A/C emergency might turn to Google to ask, “Why is my A/C not working?” or “How do I make my A/C run cold?” 

This can be a powerful opportunity for HVAC companies to answer those questions as well as provide their services as a solution. So when you’re making content like blog posts, think about what might drive your customers to a search engine like Google:

  • What kind of questions are they asking the most? 
  • What information do they need? 

Here are a few examples of blog content ideas that keep Google searches in mind:  

  • How to Stop Condensation On Your A/C Ducts
  • Is It Bad to Leave Windows Open With the A/C On? 
  • X Signs You Need an HVAC Tuneup 
  • HVAC Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners 
  • X Common Air Conditioning Problems You Need to Know
  • How to Winterize Your Home 
  • What to Do If the Heat Goes Out 
  • Signs Your A/C Isn’t Working Efficiently 

4. Produce Creative and Engaging Social Media Content 

Social media should be on the marketing checklist of every home services company. But it’s the kind of content that can make or break the success of your social media marketing plan—especially for HVAC. 

For customers, air conditioners and heat vents might not seem like the most exciting topic to follow on social media. But part of the strategy of HVAC social media marketing is to make your content exciting and engaging.

That means going beyond the dry Facebook posts of updating your operating hours or a low-quality picture of an air conditioning unit posted on Instagram. The right social media content is high-quality, engaging, and closely follows online trends. 

Here are a few social media marketing ideas to try out with your audience: 

  • Reposted or homemade HVAC memes 
  • A transition video showing before and after a repair job
  • Tips and tricks for at-home HVAC maintenance 
  • Glowing client reviews and testimonials 
  • Share relevant industry news 

Whatever platform you’re on, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the latest trends. On TikTok, for example, using the latest trending sounds or video formats can make a post go viral—even if it’s just about your HVAC business. 

5. Tell a Story Through Video Marketing

Blogs, website content, and social media posts have long been a mainstay in digital marketing, but recently, video content has become increasingly popular with both consumers and brands. 

With video content steadily becoming a preferred way consumers get their information (there are 244.3M digital video views in the U.S. alone), 88% of marketers say it's vital to any marketing strategy for brand recognition. For HVAC, it can be one of the strongest ways to earn new business. According to our consumer survey, customers identify home services businesses as experts if they provide helpful content on their websites and post how-to videos. 

It isn’t just the customers who love video content. Google also favors video in its algorithm. When you search for a specific term, the search engine will display video content first before showing the all-text content on the search page. But you can also use video to help boost your text content by embedding videos into your website or blog pages. 

These days, the power of video marketing is available to just about everyone. Even the standard Android and Apple devices can shoot crisp 4K videos. Many smartphones also come with built-in editing to let you trim and combine clips into a full video project. 

Video can be a powerful storytelling medium. Try taking your customers behind the scenes on the job and walking them through the repair process. Or introduce them to your team by filming personal interviews explaining each person's role. Part of your HVAC marketing strategy should be to create a connection with your customers. Video marketing is a great way to do that.

It's also a great way to showcase your expertise. Educational videos can cover everything from how HVAC systems work to basic maintenance tips, presented in a compelling and easy-to-digest way. 

Creating HVAC Content That Gets Results 

When done the right way, content marketing has the power to: 

  • Boost brand visibility
  • Get new eyes on your services
  • Convert more potential customers into leads
  • Nurture the relationship you have with your existing customers

But with so many HVAC competitors out there, sub-par strategies won’t get you the results you’re looking for. It takes a thoughtful, well-informed strategy to make an impression in the already crowded digital landscape for home services companies.

Looking for an HVAC advertising strategy that works? Scorpion specializes in helping HVAC businesses implement a high-performing content marketing strategy, including website design, ad campaigns, and content calendars. 

Let our digital marketing technology and expert team take care of the work for you while you focus on everything you need to do to take your HVAC company to new heights. Learn more about our HVAC services, or contact us today to start your partnership. 

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