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As a business, it’s essential to be able to make payments as flexible as possible for your customers. With Scorpion technology, it's easy for you to accept payments on your website, tablet, or phone. 

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Payment Processing To Speed Up Your Business

Payment processing can be a hassle if you use the wrong company. It can cost you time, money, and extra effort if you don’t have the right partner with solutions tailored to your business.

Relying on a form of payment processing is a necessary step in running a business, however it can be difficult to keep track of on top of your other responsibilities.

Scorpion technology makes payment processing easy. Not only do we help give your customers flexibility with how they pay and get money in your hands quicker, but we also integrate the payment information on to your account.

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Payments To Fit Your Customers’ Needs

Everyone likes to pay differently, whether that’s over the phone or on an app. But the one thing people have in common is they like to have options—especially how to pay. A lot of businesses lose out on potential customers because they’re a “cash only” business. Even if you’re a vendor at a farmer’s market or just opening your doors, you need to give your customers the options they’re used to when it comes to paying for goods and services.

Not only does it avoid isolating different paying customers, but it also builds loyalty, helps grow revenue, and gets money in your pocket faster.

Scorpion payment technology integrates with your website, mobile app, and customer relationship management software to track payments, making it easy to keep track of all your business needs in just one place.

Simple Payment Processing

Payment processing can be complicated. It requires setting up an account with a payment processing company, providing a connection to your website, security monitoring, fraud protection, and insurance of fast transactions.

If your payment transactions are too complicated or faulty, you risk customers abandoning the items in their cart and you lose out on sales.

Scorpion technology solves your payment processing problems and makes sure your system is secure. Our team will set up and maintain your payment processing for you to ensure you are always up and running.

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How to Get Started with Payment Processing

What is Payment Processing?

In a nutshell, payment processing is the transaction that happens between a merchant (or seller) and a consumer. The act of completing the transaction, either via credit or debit card is part of that processing.

While there are many other forms of payment that customers use (bitcoin, check, cash, etc…), when we talk about payment processing, we’re only referring to transactions with credit or debit cards.

Your customers only see the swipe or tap, but there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. After a card is utilized by the customer, a series of actions take place. The card is read, the amount is verified by the processor, (or if funds aren’t available: declined), and then the money is approved and transferred to your merchant account.

Understanding Different Payment Processing Companies

Payment processor companies handle the transaction between you and the buyer. Think of them as a type of mediator of the sale. Some of the more well-known mediators include Stripe payment processing, Square payment processing, and PayPal payment processing.

With the increase of online shopping, it’s more important than ever to have the right company involved with payment processing. Unlike in-person shopping, you assume you will receive payment for the item the customer wants to purchase, and the customer relies on the item to be sent. Transactions like this are what make payment processing mediation all the more necessary.

The processor also has security checks in place to make sure the data for the credit card is correct and fraud is not being attempted. The customer is protected in the case of overcharge or return. If you made an error in the amount charged or the customer returns the item, the processor refunds the amount and charges a fee for having to do so.

How to Choose a Payment Processing Company

Unlike choosing your socks, or designing your display window, dealing with payment transactions is not something you can handle alone. All business owners need to set up a merchant account in order to receive credit or debit card payments and then choose a payment processing company to mediate your transactions. If you choose not to, you will not be able to accept any form of credit or debit payments, which will inadvertently deter a lot of potential customers.

The first step in selecting which payment processor to use is whether you want to go through a bank, an online provider such as Scorpion, or a processor company like PayPal. Other things to consider are the monthly amount, where you get approved for a merchant account, and services they provide.

Keep in mind you also need to set up a payment gateway. The gateway, much like the name implies, is the path from your merchant account to the payment processor. Some business owners choose to combine the two services (merchant account with payment processing) into the payment gateway. Choosing to do so will also help eliminate options to only those who provide the combined service.

As you move forward, look for companies that provide a simple set-up, customer service, companies that adhere to PCI Compliance, and can integrate payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Payment Processing?

    In order to get paid, your business will need to have a payment processing system set up. To provide the best experience for your business and customers, it's important to have the right technology in place. Payment processing can be set up in person, over the phone, and online to provide different ways for your customers to pay you.

  • Why Do I Need Payment Processing?

    Credit or debit cards are the primary ways of paying for most customers. Having a payment processing system setup will help you to accept payments from these options and also accept payments securely online.

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