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Looking to convert more website visitors or leads? Live chat and text from Scorpion can help you engage people while they are on your site to help turn them into customers.

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Use Live Chat To Connect Instantly With Customers

With instant gratification becoming the new norm, people expect to be able to get answers about products or services fast. Communicating instantly with prospective customers that visit your site can mean the difference between gaining a new buyer and a quick bounce rate.

With Live Chat your customers can instantly connect with your team through the web or on their phone, giving you immediate access to selling opportunities.

With Live Chat technology from Scorpion, you can instantly connect with your customers when they visit your website. Make sure to capture each and every one with this option.

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Text Message Customers Directly

Gone are the days when people eagerly picked up the phone and rotated numbers to reach their friends and family. With the introduction of text messaging, the world took up typing and never looked back.

Businesses are jumping on the text train and for good reason. You can use texts to send reminders to customers, chat about issues, or just to wish them a happy birthday. Texting gives you an instant connection to your customer.

With Scorpion Text Technology, you can connect with your customers and provide the best experience possible for them. It integrates seamlessly with your website and other tools as well, so you can have conversation notes for later.

Convert Customers Instantly  With Live Chat & Texting

Live Chat and texting are the best ways to instantly connect with your customers while they are on your website. You can instantly answer questions, upsell various products, and create customer loyalty by always being available.

Unlike costly call-center support, Live Chat is cheaper and allows agents to talk to multiple customers which allows quicker response times, helps eliminate queues, and frees up more time for other customer inquiries.

Scorpion and its team bring you the technology to run your live chat and text messages to convert customers quickly and improve your service for them.

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How to Get Started with Chat and Text Technology

What Live Chat Brings to Your Business

Potential customers are always on the lookout for a product or service that meets their needs. With your website, social media presence, and advertising efforts, you’re at a good starting place to build brand awareness and convert visitors into customers.

However, the advantage of Live Chat provides you an opportunity to greet your website visitors in real-time, just like if they were stepping foot in your physical store. Sometimes all that makes or breaks a sale is a question about discounts, pricing, or even shipping options. If your visitor can’t find the information they’re looking for, they’ll most likely abandon their cart and leave. Having an agent right there to help guide people the remaining way to check out can be the final step to making the sale that your business was lacking.

How to Create a Great Customer Experience on Live Chat

Live Chat is the ideal way to interact with a customer on your website, but you need to make sure each visitor is being treated the way you would expect to treat a customer face to face.

Just like you would welcome a visitor to your store, each Live Chat session should start with a cordial greeting to the visitor and a friendly inquiry about what the agent can help the customer with. This helps set the expectation for a friendly, and helpful interaction. Remember to keep your responses quick to the point of being almost instantaneous.

The conversation should be kept professional and courteous—no matter the tone of the visitor—and transparent. Leave the pushiness at the door. The sale isn’t the most important thing, your customer is. Keep in mind the key to the conversation is to solve the inquiry and leave the customer with a good experience.

If potential customers are experiencing pain points, Live Chat data is a good place to gather what the most common ones are and get them addressed quickly. Perusing Live Chat data also provides the opportunity to consider frequently asked questions that you may not address in your content. If such an opportunity arises, consider answering these questions on your website to create a better experience for future visitors.

Why Your Live Chat Can Build the Bridge to Communication and Loyalty

As customers get to know your business through brand awareness, you want to create a way to interact with each of them on a personal level. That’s where Live Chat comes in. Not only does it provide a non-intrusive way to communicate with website visitors, but it also boosts your credibility.

People like to know they’re dealing with real people on the other side of the screen and Live Chat technology reminds them of that. Social interactions are always shifting and just because someone is shopping online doesn’t mean they can’t receive the same welcome they would get in a store.

Let people know you’re there even if they’re “just looking” with the personal touch of a Live Chat application. Before you know it, you’ll see an increase in customer trust and loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Live Chat & Text?

    Live chat and text are where people can talk with your team via a chat window on your website or with a text message. It can be a quick and easy way to talk with multiple people at a time and provide a personal experience.

  • Why Do I Need Live Chat & Text?

    Some people may not want to call your company the first time. Live chat and text give them options to connect with you in a way that they want. It can also be a way to schedule appointments, send reminders, and communicate directly with your customers in the future.

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