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PJ's Coffee

Fast-Tracking Growth with More Effective, On-Brand Marketing

With a smarter, more focused marketing strategy, PJ’s Coffee experienced considerable growth in a highly competitive market—thanks to a partnership with Scorpion.

Quick Stat PJ’s Now Has 130 Locations in the U.S. & Abroad
Before Scorpion

Creating the Right Brand Growth Strategy

Founded in New Orleans in 1978, PJ’s Coffee is known for its premium coffee products and decades of excellent service marked by Southern hospitality. In 2008, it was purchased by Ballard Brands, who saw the immense potential in the product, brand, and service. All that was needed was a solid growth strategy.

Ballard Brands hired a new Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, David Mesa, to lead the charge. To start, David refreshed PJ’s Coffee branding and worked Ballard Brands’ internal networks to generate interest from potential franchisees. But David knew that would only take PJ’s Coffee so far—the next step was to refine the process for attracting franchisees from the Internet. Realizing he needed more support for this endeavor, David hired Scorpion for the job.
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With Scorpion

Aligning Goals & Expectations

Because we know communication is essential in any marketing effort, the very first thing our Scorpion team did after partnering with Ballard Brands was to ask them about their vision for PJ’s Coffee. “Right from the outset, Scorpion asked us about our goals and how we measure success,” David said. “For us, success is not about impressions or inquiries, but qualified leads.” Next, we worked closely with David and his team to create a digital presence that would help them attract more serious inquiries from people looking to open a PJ’s Coffee location.

Brand Experience

Keeping Visitors Engaged

Knowing that franchisees aren’t just buying into a business opportunity, but buying into the strength of a brand, David understood the importance of creating a powerful visual identity for PJ’s Coffee. So, he worked with our team to give the PJ’s Coffee website a complete overhaul, from the design to the messaging to the smallest details of how people could navigate the site. The goal was to keep high-value prospects engaged on the website, to the point where they were willing to fill out a form or call for more information.
Lead Generation

Attracting the Right Franchisees

When it came to lead generation, David knew he had to focus on quality over quantity. He wasn’t interested in just getting more impressions for the website or increasing his volume of inquiries—he was more concerned about reaching the prospects that were the best fit for the brand and convincing them to apply. To aid him in his effort, we helped David set up the right type of campaigns to reach people actively looking for coffee franchising opportunities, which helped to attract more bottom-of-the-funnel leads, as well as reach targeted audiences and lead them to PJ’s Coffee’s franchise development website.
Strategy Sessions

Working with a Trusted Adviser

Because Scorpion believes in being a strategic partner for our clients and not just a marketing vendor, we did more than just build PJ’s Coffee a new website and a few digital ads. We dove into the details with David each step of the way to help set PJ’s Coffee up for success. “We view Scorpion as a part of our overall development team,” David said. “In the first six months, we set a goal to have weekly calls with our marketing manager. On the calls, they helped us break down our data and gave us recommendations for how we could improve our marketing strategy. Now, because we trust our marketing team so much, we’ve moved to biweekly meetings, but they’re still as hands-on with our campaign as ever.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Reliability & Results from a True Partner

By consolidating marketing efforts and relying on Scorpion to properly manage, track, measure, and report on their campaigns, Ballard Brands has capitalized on the buying power and expertise of a single partner. According to David:

“Scorpion’s service is phenomenal. Ever since we started working with them, we’ve been able to maximize our recruitment efforts, and we’ve seen a consistent positive return on investment. We couldn’t have achieved this level of growth so quickly without a hands-on partner like Scorpion.”

David, we're so happy for the opportunity to work with PJ's Coffee, and we look forward to seeing the brand grow even more in the future!

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