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McGee, Lerer & Associates

Becoming a Key Player in the L.A. Personal Injury Market

With a new digital strategy, McGee, Lerer & Associates went from being a small practice struggling to stay open to a powerhouse Los Angeles personal injury firm.

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The Goal

The Issue: Not Enough Quality Leads

As busy attorneys with two small children and the need for a more flexible schedule, Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer (a husband-and-wife team) opened their own personal injury law firm—McGee, Lerer & Associates.

The decision served their family well… that is, until business began to slow down. Catherine and Daniel had been working with lead broker companies, and they tried one attorney website provider after another, but no one delivered the number and quality of leads they needed, forcing the firm to downsize until they only had one employee.

Realizing it was time for a change, Catherine and Daniel hired Scorpion to help them build them a stronger digital presence that would get them found and chosen by more potential clients.

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The Solution

Needing Honesty & Trust

After hearing big promises and seeing dismal results with past marketing partners, Catherine and Daniel were hesitant to trust another digital marketing company. However, they were encouraged by the fact that Scorpion didn’t make unrealistic guarantees—we make it a point to be 100% honest with our clients about what we can deliver. Once Catherine and Daniel saw they could trust our team, they felt much better about letting us guide their online strategy.
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Branding & Visibility

Catherine and Daniel wanted McGee, Lerer & Associates to stand out as a leading personal injury firm in the Los Angeles area. So, we built them a website that demonstrated their compassionate and personalized style of representation. We knew this would resonate with the people who needed their services. We also helped ensure the firm’s website would actually be found online. “We used our pay-per-click advertising to get exposure at the top of the search results until we could bring up our organic rankings,” Catherine said. “Within a year, we were consistently ranking organically for our most important keywords in the top spots for our markets (which are highly competitive).”
Social Media Buzz

More Clients & Media Attention

With online search becoming increasingly competitive over time, McGee, Lerer & Associates needed to find more ways to reach their target clientele. So, we helped the firm post blogs and videos about electric scooter accidents (a trending topic in their service areas), and then we promoted the content on social media. Within 8 days, one Facebook post reached 9,000+ people and attracted 100+ reactions, comments, and shares, and the social media effort as a whole increased website visits, leads, and cases. With all the buzz, Catherine and Daniel were even interviewed by Bloomberg, The Hollywood Reporter, and BuzzFeed News on the topic of electric scooter accidents.
A Dedicated Support Team

Less Stress & Better Use of Time

Now that Catherine and Daniel have our team to assist them with their marketing needs, they’re able to make better use of their time, which makes all the difference in building the success of their law firm. “Having a marketing partner we know we can trust frees us up to focus on what we do best—lawyering...representing injury victims without having to worry about how we’re going to get the phone to ring,” Catherine said. “We leave that to our marketing company because that’s what they do best.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

A Partnership That Actually Pays Off

Catherine and Daniel took a risk when they turned to a new marketing partner—but in the end, their investment paid off by improving the quality of their leads, quadrupling their case volume, and helping them grow their firm’s foothold in the greater Los Angeles area. McGee, Lerer & Associates has come a long way, growing from 1 office with 1 employee to 4 offices (located in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, and Santa Monica) with 12 employees.

In addition to their growth, Catherine and Daniel also gained peace of mind in knowing their marketing is being taken care of.

We’re proud of all you’ve accomplished, Catherine and Daniel, and we’re excited to continue to serve as your partner!

Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer
Husband-and-wife attorney team Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer.

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