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The Christoper P. Cavazos Law Firm

Boosting Credibility & Getting More Cases

Attorney Christopher Cavazos knew he had to invest in his practice so it could grow. What he needed was the right marketing partner, and he found it in Scorpion.

Quick Stat 5X Growth in Lead Volume
The Goal

Ready to Invest in His Practice

When attorney and lifelong wrestling fan Christopher Cavasos heard a quote from WWE CEO and billionaire Vince McMahon that, “You have to invest in your business, otherwise it won’t grow,” he took it to heart. He knew he needed to put the right amount of resources into his practice and bring in more prospective clients if he was to achieve the level of professional success he wanted.

Chris decided to seek out a marketing partner who could help The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm become more recognized in the McAllen, TX community. That’s when he turned to our team at Scorpion.

Christopher Cavasos
The Solution

A Powerful Ally

Chris came to Scorpion with the goal of getting more prospects into his office for a consultation. We knew this would take a comprehensive digital marketing and branding strategy, but we had an entire team of experts to devote to the firm's success. The results were immediate and significant. According to Chris, “My website and digital marketing have boosted my firm’s credibility. Now I get more leads and new cases than before, and I am consistently getting a return on my investment.”

The Right Image

Making the Firm’s Value Known

As a former prosecutor with a winning track record, Chris had a lot to offer his clients. But without a website and strong digital presence, the people who needed Chris’ services had no way of finding his practice online, nor did they know why they should hire his firm. To maximize his visibility in the local community, we launched a stunning and impactful website that reflected the quality of Chris’ legal services and built trust with online visitors.
Digital Advertising

The Right Prospects at the Right Time

Understanding that it takes more than just a website to get cases from the Internet, we utilized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. Our designers and writers developed smart, eye-catching ads that helped prospects find Chris’ firm at the most opportune time—when they needed legal representation. We further solidified The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm in the minds of the people in the local community.
A Holistic Approach

Pursuing Success from Every Angle

Just like Chris explores every angle of every case to get the best results for his clients, we did the same for his brand and Internet presence. We constantly examined every aspect of his digital marketing strategy (no matter how big or small) to recommend and make improvements. Chris had this to say, “You can’t just think about your website. You also have to consider where your law firm is being listed online, the quality of your website traffic, where you’re ranking in Google, and so on. Scorpion helps me look at the big picture of my Internet presence.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“I’m not just getting a website, but a full scope of services...that drive more conversions, review tracking that boosts my online reputation, and so on. I also get a marketing team that delivers fast support whenever I need it.” Chris Cavazos Founding Attorney, The Christoper P. Cavazos Law Firm
Continuing Success

Delivering the Whole Package

Since partnering with Scorpion, The Christopher P. Cavazos Law Firm’s lead volume has increased fivefold. Chris is now retaining more cases, from the types of clients he wants to represent. He made the choice to invest in his practice, and how he’s seeing the payoff month after month.

Chris, we’re glad to be there for you, and we can’t wait to continue this partnership to take your practice further than ever!

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