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After a rebrand that focused on her passion for client advocacy, Charla Walker of Aldous \ Walker LLP received one of her largest birth injury cases—and hasn't stopped winning.

Boutique Practice,
Big Impact

Aldous \ Walker LLP is a firm that sees the value in operating as a boutique practice, taking on a limited number of cases to give them the unconditional focus they deserve. Before Scorpion, they also had limited experience working with marketing companies. Their status as members of the Inner Circle of Advocates and their reputation for results meant most of their cases were referrals. They needed a partner who could provide quality cases that would help them continue to make an impact in people’s lives. They wanted their brand to reflect how much they cared about making a difference for their clients.
Charla Aldous and Brent Walker of Aldous \ Walker LLP.

Approaching with Care

Charla had a vision for her firm’s brand. She wanted it to communicate a sense of care and compassion to resonate with the people who needed them most—because she knew her firm was in the right position to help.
“We have gotten some absolutely fabulous clients from the work Scorpion has done.”
Charla Aldous Managing Partner, Aldous \ Walker LLP

Building a Bright Future, Together.

The partnership between Aldous \ Walker LLP and Scorpion runs deep and strong. Charla’s vision has come to life, creating even more of an impact because the firm was positioned in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. We’re honored to have played a part in these accomplishments, and we’re excited to keep meeting Aldous \ Walker’s growing and evolving needs—to build a brighter future, together.

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