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"They Walked Along Side With Us."

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Many companies provide legal marketing services, but none share our passion for personal injury marketing. At Scorpion we understand the competitiveness of the personal injury field-that some cases are more complex and serious than others. Our job is to connect your firm with more of the cases best suited for your expertise. Our internal teams and technology are centered around understanding the needs of injury firms.

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"They Walked Along Side With Us."

Chace Unruh, of Unruh Spine Centers, found a way to move his business forward during during one of the darkest times in his life. Watching his father change people's lives gave Chace a true passion for his profession, but his business pursuits were put on hold when his son was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Hear about out how Chace was able to focus on his family while leaving his practice's marketing to a trusted partner.

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