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Medical Marketing Services

Get more patients and grow your practice with a partner who has the technology and team to make it happen. Our medical marketing experts offer everything you need to take your practice further.

How We Help

And So Much More.

As a dentist, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, doctor, or other medical professional, your time is best spent delivering the ideal experience for your patients. While you focus on what matters most, let our medical practice marketing team deliver the ideal experience for your practice. Scorpion offers an all-inclusive solution to get more of the right patients through your doors, pushing your practice to the next level. From SEO and PPC to stunning web design and on-point branding, your online presence will have the power to foster growth like never before.


Marketing Solutions. That Finally Work.

Depending on your needs, we will determine the most effective
way to allocate your budget and reach your goals.

Website Services

  • Design & Development
    Your website is the online face of your practice. A stunning, responsive, and technologically-advanced website will display the image you want, perform the functions you need, and convert visitors into patients.
  • Content Development
    Content plays an integral role in your overall online presence and the effectiveness of your website and marketing campaign. Convey your unique message and voice while enticing visitors to contact your practice.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    People search for everything online. Use this to your advantage with comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize organic and local rankings, keeping your practice visible and relevant. Learn More

Account Management

  • Strategic Planning
    Create and set goals and decide how to allocate resources to carry out your targeted strategy. As your strategic partner, we’ll apply our expertise to address your needs.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Minimize the “ups and downs” that can threaten your practice. Real-time reporting and analyses of your traffic, conversions, and even the devices visitors are using provide vital insight to keep your campaign performing.
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
    What people are saying about your practice can directly impact new patients and even existing ones. We monitor your online reputation to help your practice stay on top of its game.
  • Online Listing Monitoring
    How your practice appears online can influence your reputation, how easily patients can find you, and even the accuracy of the services or messages you display. We monitor online listings to make sure everything is correct.

Digital Marketing

  • Search Advertising (PPC & Maps)
    Get in front of patients who need your services through pay-per-click (PPC) and map advertising, with the knowledge that map listings are correct, campaigns are built based on your budget and goals, and everything will evolve with your needs. Learn More
  • Display & Remarketing Advertising
    Powerful and easy to adapt, display advertising and remarketing increases brand recognition by getting your ad out where potential patients will see it—again and again. When potential patients think of a service, they’ll think of your practice. Learn More
  • Video Marketing & Advertising
    Your videos show the personal side of your practice, and getting them out there helps people understand why they need you. With video advertising, you’ll engage an entirely new field of potential patients.
  • Content Marketing
    Make your voice heard with content marketing tailored to your field. Engage readers and continually improve your reach through native and social media advertising, which is crucial in digital marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising
    Open the door to new patients and skyrocket brand awareness with social advertising that engages your community. Target captive audiences to deliver more leads and expand your practice.
  • Email & Directory Advertising
    Maximize your digital campaign with email and directory advertising, which allows the delivery of targeted ads to potential patients.
What We Do

Medical Practice SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical parts of medical marketing. We boost organic rankings the right way, using on-site and off-site SEO to help your website appear at the top of search results for the keywords you want to target. We never use shortcuts or black-hat practices. With Scorpion, you can rest assured that your practice can be found online by the patients you want.

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What We Do

Paid Advertising & PPC

Online advertising for dentists, chiropractors, medspas, and other medical practices requires expertise not only in paid advertising but in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for the medical industry. We have the technology and experience to deliver more effective advertising for your practice, taking your budget further and delivering better leads. You can also count on real-time reporting and analytics so you know precisely what’s going on with your campaigns at all times.

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What We Do

Social Media & Content Creation

Your website and every aspect of your online presence should deliver the right message to prospective patients. This is particularly true with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, which have a strong influence on brand awareness. Our writers and social media experts create informative, compelling messaging and deliver it across all mediums and touchpoints to make your practice seen and heard by the people who need you. It’s meaningful medical marketing that impacts your community and draws in more patients.

What We Do

Website Design

Your website should reflect the level of care you provide to your patients. It should be beautiful, professional, and easy to navigate, including features like online scheduling or live chat to make it as easy as possible for prospective patients to learn about your services, make an appointment, or arrange a consultation. We design stunning, functional websites for medspas, dentists, veterinarians, orthodontists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and all types of medical professionals based on their unique needs and goals. Our medical practice website design services are delivered by top creatives and developers who understand your field and specialty.

Medical Practice Marketing for Every Specialty

Focused Marketing for Your Practice

Scorpion's medical marketing experts create and deliver solutions that are tailored to your practice and your specialty. As a dentist, a plastic surgeon, or a chiropractor, you face unique challenges and opportunities. We leverage these in your favor, based on your goals.

Why Scorpion

What Makes Our Doctor Marketing Services Different

As a medical professional, you’ve worked and studied hard to get where you are. Let Scorpion’s medical marketing team and technology take you further. We’re experts not only in digital marketing but in digital marketing for medical practices like yours. You face unique challenges and opportunities that we understand and leverage to help you get more patients and grow like never before. Combining our industry-leading technology, marketing expertise, and support team, we give you everything you need to achieve your goals.

Get the Freedom to Focus on Your Patients. We'll Take Care of the Rest.

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