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How to Personalize Your Website to Attract More Customers

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This time, it’s personal.

Here’s something you need to remember:

Your business isn’t for everybody.

If capturing more customers, making more money, and expanding your business sounds appealing to you, then you have to be more specific in your approach.

Imagine you sold air. Who would you sell it to? Would you sell it to astronauts, scuba divers, or people with emphysema?

Depending on your audience, how you position your product will be different. Astronauts, scuba divers, and people with emphysema all want the same thing (air) but for very different reasons. That’s why, in marketing your product, you need to identify your primary consumer and speak directly to them.

You need to make them feel like your website is talking to them and only them.

You need to personalize your website to your audience.

And you do that by learning How to Personalize Your Website to Attract More Customers.

Pull As Much Data as You Can

If you want to personalize your website to fit your audience, data is your friend. Collecting data isn’t hard, but if you try to do it quickly (asking a lot of questions in a survey) it’ll come across as annoying, spammy, and your visitors will leave. Instead, look to play the long game.

Ask your website visitors a basic question with a pop-up:

Who Are You?—an Expert Marketer or Business Owner?

A question like this allows your audience to separate themselves into two important segments. Based on their answer, you can now market to them differently. Depending on your services, an expert marketer may be a cold or warm as a lead. If cold, target them with content that’s meant to warm them. If the warm, target them with content designed to close them.

If you need more information as to who your visitors are, ask more questions.

Pop-up surveys are easy to set up within your web design and are a great way to collect more data and increase your website’s conversion rates.

Add a Personal Touch Where You Can

How do you feel when someone calls you by your name?

Most people feel validated. So, why not give that feeling to your web visitors?

Try putting your prospect’s first name in an email.

It’s the small touches that get your message read and increase your conversion rate.

Screenshot of Chase AppFor example, take a look at Chase's banking app. When you log onto the app, it pulls an image on its home screen that’s local to your area. For example, if you’re accessing the app from Los Angeles and it’ll pull an image from the City Hall building in Downtown, or the Promenade of Santa Monica like this:

The benefit here is qualitative, reminding your visitors that you’re always considering them.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Do you work in an industry that can feel intimidating to new users?

Then lower the barrier to entry for your visitors to make contact by using a live chat feature.

Your customers won’t always be ready to call off the first visit to your site, but they may be willing to speak to someone online if it means not having to pick up the phone. Give yourself—and your prospect—a leg-up in making contact and watch your engagement levels skyrocket.

Final Thoughts

What’s the first thing a rockstar says when they hit the stage?

“I’ve been all across the country but [CityName] has the greatest fans in the world!”

And the crowd goes wild. They know it’s not true. But it’s the fact that the artist said it. The fact that they made the effort to connect on a personal level.

And they inspire admiration and new fans as a result.

You can do the same for your business and it takes a lot less work than you think; just a small personal touch here and there.

If you’re interested in learning more about the little changes that can make a big difference to your business’s bottom-line, give us a call at (866) 344-8852 or visit us at