Scorpion Participates in Wings for Life Run

Posted by Scorpion Healthcare

Scorpion Healthcare employees were proud to be able to participate in the Wings for Life World Run for spinal cord research.

On Sunday May 3, far before the sun came up, ten Scorpion employees gathered to participate in the Wings for Life World Run where 100% of the entry fees went toward funding research driven toward finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

The World Run is unlike any other race out there. Half an hour after participants start the race, a catcher car takes off traveling at 10 miles per hour, increasing in speed throughout the race. The race is over for each runner when the catcher car catches up with them. The run is also unique in that it spans 35 different locations worldwide!

“The World Run was the most fun and challenging race I have ever participated in,” said Scorpion Healthcare employee Alex Vineyard. “The energy and excitement of the runners and the whole day was amazing, and I am proud to have contributed to the cause!”

One thing Scorpion Healthcare loves about its local community is that it is so passionate about non-profits and community involvement, giving us ample opportunities to do the same. We look forward to the next time we get to participate in a worthy cause like the Wings for Life World Run!

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