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Episode 6: J. David’s Custom Clothiers

Watch Jill and Bone master the tricks of the tailoring trade and compete in a friendly game of “Who’s the Best Stylist?” at a boutique clothiers shop that has become the go-to tailor for famous athletes, including one of the biggest legends in the HISTORY of Major League Baseball®.

27:40 mins | Feb 27, 2019
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Meet David Guenther

“My motto is: ‘Always say yes.’…Everybody in my business is willing to do whatever it takes [to create a great experience]. We have customers in 31 states, so we travel around the country to create wardrobes for people. We just fly to wherever they are, sit at their dining room table, look at fabrics, and take their measurements. The bottom line is I want people to always know they can rely on me and my team. Whatever needs to be done, if they know they can rely on you, then you’re in.”

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David Guenther Owner

Meet The Hosts

Meet Bone

Chief Legal Officer

Michael “Bone” Sauer, nicknamed for his skinny frame as a teen, is Scorpion’s Chief Legal Officer by day. When he’s not working on being a legal machine, Bone is ALWAYS working on a new certification. He is currently working on his pilot’s license as well as many other certifications that will be beneficial in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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Meet Jill

VP of Media Development and PR

Around Scorpion, we call Jill Wilson “Wonder Woman”. In addition to being Scorpion’s Director of Media Development and PR, she’s a married mother of a 3-year-old boy (Kal), and a former investigative reporter with a passion for old-school journalism.