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Get To Work is an Original Series from Scorpion. Our hosts shadow real Scorpion clients and get to work. Though they find themselves in some sticky, messy, and unique situations, Get to Work is about the spirit of these amazing business owners truly loving what they do.

  • Meet Bone
    Chief Legal Officer

    Michael “Bone” Sauer, nicknamed for his skinny frame as a teen, is Scorpion’s Chief Legal Officer by day. When he’s not working on being a legal machine, Bone is ALWAYS working on a new certification. He is currently working on his pilot’s license as well as many other certifications that will be beneficial in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Meet Jill
    Director of Public Relations

    Jill Wilson, now nicknamed “Wonder” for her love of Wonder Woman, is Scorpion’s Director of PR. Around Scorpion, we consider her Wonder Woman. Jill was an investigative reporter, loves old-school journalism, is married and is the mom of a two year old son, Kal. There is never a dull moment around Jill.