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Podcast: How Trial Attorneys Should Handle COVID-19 and Prepare Their Marketing Plans for the Transition Period

Senior Attorney Match with presenters Peter Webb & Angela Wearn

In the latest episode of the Senior Attorney Match Podcast, Angela Wearn, Executive Vice President of Personal Injury at Scorpion, and Peter Webb, Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion, offer trial attorneys advice as to how they can protect their firms from the negative impact of COVID-19. In alignment with Scorpion’s mission, Angela and Peter arm law firms with actionable insights about how they can best serve their current clients, as well as how they can position themselves to increase their caseload and reach their business goals once the US economy starts to open back up.

To begin, Peter and Angela discuss how attorneys can use teleconferencing to stay in touch with clients and expand their audience to include a larger geographic area. They go on to cover other trends that have emerged since lockdown orders began, identifying which ones have the strongest chance of evolving into mainstream behavior in the future. Additionally, Peter and Angela explore the outlook of several case types, and they provide concrete marketing recommendations for firms that are looking to build their brand awareness and capture more leads as we transition into a post-pandemic landscape.

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