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7 Tips For Better Roofing Marketing SEO

Roofer marketing seo

Customer satisfaction is the chief priority of any roofing business, but how can you get new customers in the first place? Roofers face many challenges in the competitive digital landscape, and it's difficult to find time for digital marketing when running a business. Nevertheless, attracting new roofing leads is a vital part of your future success, which means you have to make time for roofing SEO. 

Although search engine optimization (SEO) sounds like an intimidating phrase, it’s really just about appearing higher on the search engine results pages. For most of your customers, Google is the starting point of their journey, so focus on putting your best foot forward on Google's search results page to draw them in. However, this is easier said than done, so let’s examine Scorpion’s top seven roofing SEO tips for getting new business. 

1. Plan Your Roofing SEO Strategy

Roofing SEO professionals have to prepare for and execute a multi-layered approach to SEO. There are many angles to look at SEO from, making it challenging for roofers to bring them all to one place. Designing an effective SEO plan is one way to get that done. 

A good SEO plan must include the following: 

  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • Monitoring and analysis of your SEO service efforts
  • Regular optimization and maintenance of your website 
  • Impactful promotions across major social media channels
  • Listing your services in your geographic area for local SEO

Each of these contributes to your roofing SEO’s overall success, but they’re all time-consuming and even labor-intensive. You have to sit down with a mapping tool and think about how you’ll use each of these parts in your future campaign. They also come with their own individual strategies that you’ll have to account for as you move forward. 

What keywords do you want to emphasize? How can you best employ them in all your marketing channels? The chosen keywords need to match not only your service offerings but also the image you wish to convey to your customers. Find them, then integrate them into all your messaging for an optimal SEO strategy. We'll discuss this in more detail below. 

In addition, you need to monitor your brand's authority as you construct an SEO strategy. Everything you do online leaves a footprint that either raises or lowers people's perception of you. With successful messaging, you can build your reputation online and receive encouraging backlinks from other website owners. This form of reputation boost is highly beneficial for roofer SEO. More on this later in the article. 

2. Optimize Your Roofing Website for SEO 

All of your digital marketing efforts will eventually lead customers to your website. Google’s algorithm "crawls" through the internet to look for content that adds value. And they rank websites according to how valuable they are to users. This means that to enhance your online rankings and appear on top of the search results, you need to optimize your website to become a high-value roofing website.

You can start doing that right now by strategically incorporating your target keywords into your headers. Search engines prominently index headers and images on your site, looking for juicy keywords that align with a potential customer’s search queries. Add relevant keywords wherever they’re appropriate on your website. For instance, you can add keywords to the following: 

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image descriptions
  • Article copy

In addition, you need to conduct an SEO audit of your website. Technical difficulties, such as slow loading times, often cause customers to exit your website without doing anything, which can severely hurt your search engine rankings. Technical SEO involves fixing these mechanical errors in the website’s structure to keep everything running smoothly. 

Since you want people in your local area to find your roofing company easily, display your geographic area prominently on your website. Any potential roofing leads should know where to find you and whether you serve their area at all. The goal of your roofing SEO campaign, at the end of the day, is securing more on-the-ground service calls, not just ranking high on the search engines. 

To that end, make sure your website’s content marketing strategy stays regularly updated and oriented toward finding more roofing leads. People should come to your website and find a solution to their problem and realize that you’re the roofing contractor for the job. Ensure that your on-page marketing fits the bill. 

3. Touch Up Your Roofing Business Pages 

Your online presence doesn’t begin and end with your website. As important as your website is, most people’s first encounter with your roofing company will probably be through other channels, such as your business page on one of the more prominent social media platforms. That’s why successful roofing companies establish themselves on every platform where their customers maintain an online presence. It’s about making yourself visible so potential customers can easily find you. 

For instance, Google is one of the first places people look when they encounter a problem with their roof. They might not even know at this stage that they need a roofing contractor, but the simple act of searching for roofing solutions places them into your sphere of influence. What if you have a strong Google My Business profile to capture their attention right away? 

People also often discuss their roofing concerns in social media threads on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. You should maintain updated business profiles on each of these sites to make it easy for them to find you. Your teams can also monitor social media traffic to see what people are talking about regarding roofing in your area. 

Optimizing your roofing business pages offers several obvious benefits to your business, such as: 

  • It gets more people talking about you, which raises your online reputation and SEO rankings. 
  • It helps cement your brand in the minds of your potential customers. 
  • It brings new customers to your doorstep. 
  • It’s an easy way to receive leads and build referrals. 

When you optimize your roofing business pages, you're likely to get more conversions. Customize your business pages and provide compelling content to target the right audience. You also need to include clear calls to action. What actions do you want your visitors to take? Do you want them to submit their contact details in exchange for a product or service, contact your business, or make a purchase? Make that clear to potential customers who visit your business pages. 

4. Improve Your Roofing Keywords

Keep in mind that your future roofing customers have specific problems that need resolution. That means they’ll use specific words in their online searches to find a solution or answer. As an expert roofing contractor, you should find out what those keywords are and use them to your advantage in your roofing SEO strategy. 

When researching for keywords, start by creating a list of topics that would interest your customers, such as “roof repair.” Consider using a paid research tool like Semrush to gather more specific keyword data, like keyword search volume and competition. Then incorporate the most relevant keywords into your website. 

But don't stuff your website with keywords in an attempt to improve its rankings. Google’s algorithm will recognize that and penalize your site accordingly. Use your roofing keywords in an organic and authentic way. Remember, you don't need the whole world to find you; you only need to focus your attention on potential customers in your immediate service area who can benefit from your roofing services — make them your first and only priority. 

5. Work On Your Off-Page Roofing SEO 

Off-page SEO, sometimes called external optimization, is about building authority. Reputation is everything when you’re running a roofing company. How people think about and interact with your roofing business will have a decisive impact on your search engine results performance. 

When people find your content valuable, they think of you as an authority and are more likely to link to your roofing website on their own initiative. This process is called backlinking, which signals to Google and other search engines that your website has something truly valuable to offer. The more backlinks you get, the more you can secure a superior spot in their search engine results. 

In addition, having an effective off-page SEO means getting high-quality leads for your business. What good are leads if they aren’t valuable to you at all? By focusing on building your backlinks, you can increase your brand awareness and recognition. New leads will come with a purpose, and that purpose will be to schedule a roofing service call. 

6. Conduct a Roofing Advertising Campaign

Advertising needs market research to be successful. Whether you’re using pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads, display ads, or video advertising, you risk losing money if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s necessary to create an advertising strategy and stick to it. 

The benefits of roofing advertising are clear. Instead of waiting passively for potential customers to discover your roofing company, you can be more proactive by placing your company in front of your audience via ads. But first, you have to know what your target audience is interested in. Before advertising your roofing company, you must do the following:

  • Conduct extensive market research to learn what kind of ads your target audience responds to
  • Create detailed buyer personas that align as closely as possible with the result of your market research
  • Refine your message to address your customers’ pain points accurately

Roofing advertising doesn't come without challenges. Interest in professional roofing services wavers throughout the year, often spiking only during peak seasonal months. More than that, you probably face stiff competition with other roofing companies in your area, meaning you have to do more to stand out. 

Strategic advertising is a powerful way to rise above the competition. Strengthen your brand voice and make it unique from your competitors — your audience should recognize that you aren't just a “generic" roofing company. Similarly, you can create powerful headlines and graphics that grab their attention and encourage them to visit your website. 

7. Work With a Roofing SEO Agency

If roofing SEO were easy, every roofing company would do a stellar job at it. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many roofing companies have hardly any online visibility at all. Since having a strong roofing SEO strategy brings more business, partnering with a professional roofing SEO agency would be a wise choice. 

Roofing SEO experts bring many unique skill sets to the table, including: 

  • Polished SEO copywriting tailor-made to attract more roofing leads to your business
  • An in-depth mastery of search engine structure, including the elements needed to rank your roofing company website higher
  • Comprehensive knowledge of keyword research and how to use keywords in your marketing

Working with a roofing SEO agency is more cost-effective than constantly testing out different digital marketing strategies to see what works. Every digital campaign you put out costs your business time, money, and effort, and these resources can be scarce when running a roofing business. Bringing in an outside agency to run your SEO campaign helps focus your marketing initiatives on proven areas of customer interest. 

SEO agencies that specialize in roofing SEO know how to optimize on- and off-page SEO strategies and develop an effective content marketing plan to increase your website traffic. Scorpion, for example, maps out entire SEO marketing campaigns from beginning to end to ensure better results for their clients. As a skilled SEO agency, Scorpion aims to attract more roofing leads from as many different sources as possible for your business. 

Roofer SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Despite the many moving parts involved in roofing SEO, the main goal is this: To get your business in front of more people. All your marketing efforts serve this end, so keep that in mind as you move forward. It’s a long road, but slow and steady wins the race in any SEO campaign. 

However, working with a skilled SEO team like Scorpion can accelerate the process considerably. We can conduct a complete SEO audit of your internet presence, checking for areas of improvement on all your business pages. Our mission is to grow your business through high-impact lead generation, so contact one of our representatives to learn more about our services.