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Pest Control Web Design Tips, Tricks, Templates, & Examples

pest control web design
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When a potential customer is looking for pest control assistance and stumbles across your company, the first thing they’ll see is your website.

That’s why it’s important to make a great first impression with a professional, well-designed website. It takes more than just a contact form and a basic description of your services to convince a customer to choose you over your competition.

With that being said, you don’t need to be a master of pest control web design to make a website that stands out. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover all the top tips and tricks to take your pest control website design to the next level. We'll also direct you to helpful templates and strong real-life examples.

Why Pest Control Website Design Matters

Almost everyone will run into a pest problem at one point in their lives. And when they do, they’ll be looking for the best company to help them take care of their problem as quickly as possible.

They’ll compare your company to the local competition. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by solidifying your online presence through digital marketing. That means creating a professional website and managing listings and reviews on Google My Business and other platforms.

Most people spend less than a minute on websites, with many spending as little as 10 seconds per page. How can you catch their attention and get them interested in your pest control services? Good design. 

A bad website can affect your company’s reputation and credibility, while a good website can help you reach new people - and convert them into loyal customers.

Pest Control Web Design Tips and Tricks

But what makes a “good” website in the pest control industry? And how can you construct a high-quality website without going over your budget?

With the right strategies, a small business can build an impressive website. Here are some pest control design tips and tricks to help you get there.

Draw Attention to Your Call to Action

What’s the one thing you want customers to do when they visit your site? The answer is simple - you want them to book your services. From the home page to the About page, you want customers to click on your call to action (CTA), where they can call you directly, book your services online, or fill out a form with their information.

For that reason, your CTA should be clear and prominent. As soon as they land on your home page, tell visitors what you want them to do. Try direct, confident phrasing in your calls like “Request a quote today,” “Get started with us today,” or “Call now for an estimate.”

Focus on Delivering Content

Many prospective customers come to your website looking to take action immediately. They might be overwhelmed by a pest problem and want a solution ASAP, heading straight for your service page or CTA.

But other potential clients aren't ready to take immediate action. Maybe they noticed a problem and aren’t sure what to think, or they want more information on pest control.

That’s where content marketing comes in. Give visitors more than your contact information and service area. Use a blog section or frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to give potential customers valuable information that keeps them on your site.

Consider exploring topics that customers are likely to research. You might provide information on:

  • How pest control works
  • Specific pest problems
  • How to identify different pests

This material will draw in new customers and help you establish authority in your industry.

Don’t Forget an SEO Strategy

It doesn't matter how well you design your website if your clients can’t find you in the first place. Using search engine optimization (SEO) in your website design can help you reach your target audience.

First, build a list of relevant keywords to incorporate into your website. These can be anything from basic descriptors - like “residential pest control” and “pest control business” - or targeted local keywords like “pest control near me” and “pest control in X city.”

Then, distribute these keywords throughout your website. From headers to meta descriptions, the right keywords in your web design can help your website show up in the right Google searches.

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Highlight Your Reputation

When it comes to home services, reputation is everything. Customers are welcoming you into their homes, putting their safety and comfort in your hands. For this reason, it’s important to stress your reputation as a company.

Throughout your website copy, stress the fact that you’re an accredited company with experienced, licensed employees. Add the number of years you’ve been a business owner and how long you’ve been serving the local community.

Most importantly, make sure your website visitors know how many satisfied customers you have. The more customer reviews you can feature on your site, the more reputable you’ll seem. Let your former clients do your marketing by highlighting some of the best testimonials.

Provide links to social media accounts, too. They're another source of satisfied customers.

Make the Design Visually Interesting

A great website design isn’t just about writing catchy headers and strong CTAs. To make it visually appealing, it has to include high-resolution images.

In some cases, you can get away with using relevant stock photography. But the best results come from custom photography of your equipment, vehicles, and employees at work.

In addition to photography, consider incorporating a great logo and a few brand colors to tie everything together. Your website will look more cohesive and appealing and make customers feel more connected to your business.

Keep the Design Clean

It’s important to keep your website design clean, concise, and clutter-free.

The text should be easy to read and surrounded by plenty of white space. Divide your pages into subsections if needed to space out all of your information. Make good use of bullet points to avoid long, chunky paragraphs.

While a few good images and links can go a long way, don’t clutter the page. If there’s too much going on, it’s hard to draw the visitor’s eye where you want it - your CTA.

Pest Control Web Design Templates

At Scorpion, our expert team specializes in crafting websites that serve as a solid foundation for your digital marketing efforts. By prioritizing SEO, adhering to Google's best practices, and integrating industry-level keywords, we ensure that your website is easily discoverable by your target audience. Plus, our intuitive management tools make it effortless for you to keep your site updated and engaging, so you can focus on what you do best -- running your best business. Let Scorpion build and manage your website and watch your online presence thrive. Learn more.

Pest Control Web Design Examples

It’s one thing to read about pest control web design tips, but it’s another to see them in action. If you need more inspiration to transform your website into an effective marketing hub, you’re in the right place.

To help guide your design choices, here are six pest control company websites that make significant impacts with their web design.

1. EcoLife

The EcoLife website offers a simple, yet effective design. On the home page, EcoLife encourages visitors to fill out a contact form for 10% off. This email marketing tactic can help you get in touch with your most interested potential clients.

This website does a good job of creating clear branding - eco-friendly, all-natural services. The soft green and blue throughout, along with their leaf-inspired logo, represent their values. When there’s something they want a client to notice - like a call to action or button text - they use a bold red to draw the eye.

2. Terminix

Terminix is a big name in the industry, and its website makes that clear. Their tagline, "Pests never stop. Neither do we." leaves a powerful impact.

The website is visually appealing, thanks to the compelling photography, clean layout, and large fonts. The layout also makes it easy for the customer to read and navigate exactly where they need to go. Each page has a reminder of the service guarantee, potential savings, and a call to action encouraging the reader to call them right away.

3. Rove Pest Control

The Rove Pest Control website makes effective use of white space, drawing the reader’s attention to what matters most. Their services, location areas, and overall company values are clearly listed and easy to find.

While the layout is simple, Rove Pest Control also does a good job of creating visual interest. The staged photos make each web page stand out, adding an edge of humor to their brand image.

4. Universal Exterminating

While some pest control companies opt for simple and subtle designs, Universal Exterminating draws upon more fun and colorful inspiration. Their logo, featuring a cartoon bug being zapped by a bright red arrow, gets the point across about their company while also bringing a smile to their customer's faces.

With over-the-top cartoon images and a bright, colorful layout, this website catches the eye immediately. While the site is playful and full of personality, it still offers the information customers need right on the home page. The CTA is prominent at the bottom of the page, along with a convenient button for emergencies, where people in crisis can get help ASAP.

5. Griffin Pest Management

The Griffin Pest Management website is all about visuals. From possums to termites, they feature a series of realistic photos on the home page, showing first-hand the kind of pests they have experience treating. These photos also provoke an emotional reaction, like the picture of ants crawling all over a kitchen floor. While the rest of the design is simple, these photos make the site more visually engaging and inspire urgency in the mind of the viewer.

The website also features the company's service area and phone number at the top of the page, encouraging the viewer to book right away.

Taking Your Pest Control Website to the Next Level

Whether you’re just starting or building off years in the industry, it’s never too late to make the most of your pest control website. The right web design choices can help you bring in clients, improve your online reputation, and grow your local business from the ground up.

While great web design is possible for any business, it isn’t always easy to do it yourself. A website-building professional can help you build a site that goes beyond the standard template and gets you the results you're looking for.

With the help of Scorpion’s design experts, you can make sure your website is doing exactly what it should - making a powerful first impression. Learn more about our expertise in building countless websites in the pest control industry, or get started with us today.

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