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7 Creative HVAC Ads [Examples]


As HVAC contractors or business owners, you’ll inevitably have to find ways to make your company stand out among competitors in the HVAC industry to improve brand awareness and bring in and retain customers for your small business. With a strong HVAC marketing strategy, you can do just that.

In this article, we’ll review different HVAC advertising and digital marketing strategies you can leverage as part of your HVAC marketing plan. We also provide examples of creative HVAC ads that are attention-grabbing and memorable to inspire you and your team as you create HVAC ads of your own.

First, let’s cover some commonly-used HVAC marketing ideas that will help you create, publish, and share your advertisements.

Types of Creative HVAC Ads

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads: PPC advertising and PPC campaigns allow you to place your HVAC ads where you want them — for example, on Google — and pay when individuals actually click on those ads.
  • Social media advertising: HVAC social media ads — such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads — can be used to easily and quickly target your HVAC audience based on criteria you select related to location, demographics, and more. For example, you don’t have to be a marketing expert to get the most out of Facebook Ads — customize your objective and format, set a budget, and track the performance of your ads.
  • Display ads: Feature HVAC display ads (which are a very common form of digital marketing) on web pages, search engines, social media, and even in your email marketing strategy. They come in the form of text, images, videos, and banners.
  • Google Ads: Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads allow you to get your HVAC ads in front of individuals looking for a service like yours on search, web, and YouTube. You can also customize and update your Google Ads budget whenever you want.
  • Local Service Ads: Google Local Service Ads are made specifically for local businesses that are looking to advertise to target audience members located in your geographic service area. Meaning ads will appear to those within the physical area where your HVAC business offers services. (Pro tip: Use Local service ads to enhance your local SEO strategy).

When creatively advertising your HVAC company through any of the above types of ads, keep the following tips in mind.

Best Practices for Making Creative HVAC Ads

  1. Keep your overall marketing strategy in mind while creating HVAC ads to ensure your creative plans will drive the results you need.
  2. Use a variety of HVAC marketing channels when you share ads to improve your chances of reaching and bringing in more new (and existing) customers.
  3. Keep your customer personas in mind when brainstorming all of your HVAC advertising ideas, as well as when determining where they will be published, so they’re likely to resonate with your target audience. This will also allow you to ensure you’re featuring the information they care about in your ads such as your HVAC company’s point of difference (e.g. the services you offer, expertise, delightful customer service, etc.).
  4. Use a home services marketing tool, like Scorpion (which has features built especially for HVAC companies), to help you generate HVAC leads through digital ads. The tool also offers more creative services that enable you to make attractive adverting assets.
  5. Align your ads with your other content marketing materials — by planning ad creation and content creation in tandem, you have the foundation for a strong marketing campaign.
  6. Build and maintain an HVAC website with thoughtful user experience (UX) that your ads can link to — this will help you drive traffic to your website as well as allow viewers to easily learn more about your HVAC brand and services.
  7. Make sure your business has a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) so anyone who is interested in learning more about your HVAC service after engaging with your creative ads can easily do so. A Google Business Profile allows your prospects to search your brand name and learn about your location, hours, and contact details, read customer reviews, and open your website.

Now that you have an understanding of many types of HVAC ads and best practices for creating them, let’s look at some examples of creative HVAC ads and what makes them effective.

7 Creative HVAC Ads

These HVAC advertising examples should help you brainstorm unique ads for your business that you can share with your target audience (including your potential customers and current base of clients) to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversion. These HVAC ad examples are useful to study because they can all be applied to different marketing channels and ad formats such as social media, Google, PPC, and more.

1. Creative HVAC Ad: Don’t let the chill raise your energy bill!


This creative HVAC ad has a catchy tagline that rhymes. It’s unique because it features a customer quote. The ad also has an image that tells a relevant story and includes a limited offer to encourage prospects to contact the HVAC company.

2. Creative HVAC Ad: HVAC Winter Tip


By providing a tip for HVAC customers and prospects, this company can educate its target audience while highlighting its expertise. The ad’s message and image are also tailored to the time of the year in which it was published, making its timeliness valuable to viewers.

3. Creative HVAC Ad: Before the Cold Weather Hits…


Similar to the previous creative HVAC ad example, this ad is helpful to audience members due to the timeliness of its message — it’s easily shareable across channels as winter approaches. The image makes its importance hit home among families that may or may not realize a wintertime HVAC tune-up for their furnace is necessary. And that’s why including the HVAC company’s contact information in the ad is useful to viewers — they can easily call and book their tune-up.

4. Creative HVAC Ad: We Make Keeping Cool a Breeze


This ad has a creative and memorable tagline that makes the service that this HVAC company offers clear. Viewers can simply click the CTA on the digital ad to contact the HVAC company for their next A/C repair.

5. Creative HVAC Ad: Is Your HVAC Ready For Fall?


As Fall approaches, this ad serves as a reminder to viewers that it’s important to check various aspects of your HVAC system. The “Fall Checklist” educates viewers on what is important to keep an eye on as the seasons change when it comes to their HVAC system to ensure it’s prepped and reliable. It also provides them with contact information to then get in touch with the HVAC company based on their new understanding of the importance of HVAC maintenance.


6. Creative HVAC Ad: Summer is Around the Corner


As summer approaches, this HVAC company reminds viewers that it’s important to ensure their systems are ready to cool their homes all season. That’s why they provide a special tune-up offer. They also include a creative pun on the ad that’s memorable.

7. Creative HVAC Ad: Fall Maintenance Specials


This creative and seasonal HVAC ad is unique because it encourages social media engagement — in doing so, they improve the number of interactions, shares, and views they get on their social media profiles. The ad also highlights different services that the HVAC company offers and their special prices to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Share Creative HVAC Ads With Your Audience

When it comes to marketing, the more creative and unique you make your ads, the greater ROI you’ll likely see from those marketing efforts. By honing in on who your target audience is and how you can help resolve the challenges of each customer who reaches out to you for a service, the more your ads will resonate with those individuals. Use the examples above as inspiration as you publish and share creative HVAC ads.

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