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3 Tips to Run Your Best Home Services Business

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Home Services

Home services are among the most essential business areas, as they involve skilled technicians in heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical work. However, in the age of the internet, it can be difficult for a home services business to build and thrive by itself. 

Make your home services business the best with the help of reliable marketing experts from Scorpion. We are an all-in-one marketing solution for any home services business. Our team will help you establish your digital presence and help you achieve expansive growth. 

We also want to help you understand how you can use the digital space to improve how your home services business runs. Below are three comprehensive tips on running your home services business more effectively.

Tip #1: Create an Effective Marketing Strategy 

While high-quality work is key to the success of your home services business, you’ll need a way to reach out to potential customers. This is the purpose of a marketing strategy. 

An effective marketing strategy grabs customers’ attention and convinces them to choose your business over your competitors. 

In this section, we discuss why you need good marketing and how to create a strong marketing strategy. 

Reasons You Should Have Solid Marketing

Here are some of the reasons why your business should have a good home services digital marketing strategy

Creates Awareness of Your Business

Having an online presence is necessary for businesses in any industry today, even home services. Having a great website with a few well-managed social media accounts will ensure your business gets the attention it deserves, helping you gain more new customers. 

Increases Your Revenue 

A well-planned digital marketing strategy will increase the number of potential customers that are aware of your business. 

Inevitably, this will also raise the number of actual customers that pay for your home services and thus increase your revenue. 

Builds Brand Trust

A survey shows that 88% of consumers support brands that seem more authentic, while 46% state they will pay more to brands that are more trustworthy. 

A good marketing strategy will give you the ability to showcase how your business is reliable, authentic, and trustworthy to its customers. 

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy involves really thinking about your business and the customers you want to reach. For a more detailed overview, here’s a quick step-by-step guide: 

Determine Your Objectives

Obviously, the overall goal is to increase revenue for your home services business, but there should also be smaller, short-term goals to consider. 

Perhaps one of your goals is to show how experienced and genuine your company is or to attract attention by increasing engagement with your brand. 

With these short-term goals in mind, you’ll have more tangible measurements to follow as you continue to work out the right strategy. 

Identify Your Customers

Know who your customers are most likely going to be — in this case, they’ll be homeowners but also house-flippers or DIY renovators. Also, consider their characteristics, such as age and income. 

Knowing your potential clients will ensure you create an effective marketing strategy tailored specifically for them. 

Craft Your Brand Persona 

Knowing your goals and ideal customers then allows you to develop your brand persona — the image your company projects to your customers. 

This is where you present what sets you apart from your competition — be it your experience, high-quality work, and trustworthy service. 

Measure Your Resources 

Ultimately, marketing is an investment, which means it will need to have its place in your company’s budget. 

Always measure how much you can afford to invest in each type of marketing campaign — whether it be paid advertising or organic content marketing. 

Pick the Right Platforms

There's a wide range of places for you to advertise your business. Know which ones are right for you by researching each platform and comparing their users with your ideal customers. Picking just a few of the best platforms will provide excellent results. 

Analyze and Adjust

Finally, see if your marketing strategy is meeting your goals. If it doesn’t, you must adjust until you find what works best. 

If it does work, enjoy the increase in customers and revenue, and consider where you want to improve and expand. 

Tip #2: Maintain Transparent and Consistent Client Communication  

Another strong factor in the success of your home services business is how well you communicate with your clients. Good communication is essential to a positive customer experience, which is what you want to provide for every new or returning client you interact with. 

Before going into how you can improve communications, let’s first lay out why having good communication systems will help improve your business.

How Good Client Communication Helps Your Business

Below, we list some of the benefits of maintaining clear and effective communication with your clients.

Create Brand Loyalty

According to Forbes, 96% of customers become loyal to brands that provide good customer service and are five times more likely to make a repeat purchase and refer a friend. 

Provide quality customer service through clear and responsive communication and your business will have customers that will not only leave positive reviews but add new leads through word of mouth. 

Set Clear Expectations

Another reason to have good communication systems for your home services business is to ensure you and your team understand the clients' needs and preferences. This can help you provide better service that sets you apart from competitors. 

Manage Issues Before They Arise

Consistent communication with your clients, such as follow-up emails or scheduled calls, shows your business is thoughtful of every customer and allows you to catch early signs of issues your clients may have.

Ways Your Home Services Business Can Communicate Better

There are numerous ways you can enhance the communication process of your home services business. Here are a few that we recommend: 

Have Multiple Options

Make sure your business can take calls, text messages, emails, and even direct messages on your social media accounts. And with help from Scorpion, you can centralize all of these communications in one place, making it more convenient for you. 

Be Prompt

While it may seem like people want an instant response, you can improve your business’s communication by simply being prompt — responding to a customer’s call or email within 24 hours of receiving it. 

Make it a Conversation

Use tools and software such as Scorpion’s Live Chat. This turns interactions with your customers into two-way communication that feels authentic and productive. 

Tip #3: Provide Intuitive Payment and Scheduling Systems

Customers want smooth and hassle-free appointments and their payments to be quickly and easily processed. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of having streamlined scheduling and payment systems, along with a few how-to steps and recommendations.

Advantages of Easier-to-Use Systems

Here are some ways having intuitive payment and scheduling systems can take your home services business to the next level: 

Efficient Revenue Stream and Workflow

With a digital payment system, you’ll have a much easier time organizing your revenue so that it can be accounted for during payroll and tax season. 

And with an online or digital scheduling system, both you and your customers can set appointments easily and make your workflow a breeze. 

Better Payment Processing 

In general, digital payments process faster and are less prone to error, which can help reduce costs for your business over time. You’ll also save a great deal from no longer having to write or print invoices to send to clients. 

Better Overall Customer Experience 

Because of their exceptional ease of use, digital pay and scheduling are becoming more prevalent. So match the preferences of your customers and make it much more pleasant for them to work with you next time. 

How You Can Simplify Your Home Services Business

Show Your Availability Online

Try to include a feature on your website showing your company’s schedule, like a calendar with days and hours your services are available. This reduces clerical work on your end and gives clients the information they want upfront. You can even make it so your customers can schedule appointments online

Use Mobile Payment Apps 

As of 2021, the number of PayPal users in the U.S. is said to be over 400 million. PayPal and other mobile payment apps like Venmo, Cash, and others have grown in popularity due to their ease of use. Capitalize on this by using one as a payment method for your clients. 

Grow Your Home Services Business Today With Scorpion

Effective marketing and communication and simplified customer interactions ensure your business runs smoothly and also help it expand in the future. But it can be difficult to apply these concepts to your business without proper experience or expert assistance.

We at Scorpion are dedicated to helping home services businesses like yours build their brand online and ensure they achieve success through strong digital marketing strategies. 

With your expertise in home services and our top-notch marketing, your business can achieve incredible growth and success. Reach out to Scorpion and find out how we can help your home services business grow to be the best today.