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What Your Business Needs to Know During the Coronavirus

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Top 5 Things We're Seeing in Home Services

For those in home services who are focusing on keeping the world moving, there is good news to learn about how the overall market is shaking out. Homeowners will never stop needing home services businesses and it’s important that their needs are served well. So let’s take a look at what Scorpion has already seen and recommends for our clients.

  1. Reduced competition = Access to more leads
    There are some businesses that have panicked. They have removed themselves from competition for gaining new leads and customers online. This makes the overall cost of the market drop, which is great news, and we’ve seen that come true already with a drop in costs over the last week.

  2. Reduced costs = Lower cost leads
    The drop in costs means a less competitive market, which means the same leads will cost less over time. This means that right now, budgets go farther for the same work.

    • As of today, it costs 11% less for home service businesses to advertise compared to a week ago.

  3. Needs remain + residents at home = Increased leads
    Customers still need home services regardless of the current national situation. Here are the real numbers of leads generated today based on home services businesses running their campaigns with us:

    • Leads to home service businesses are up 15% compared to 3 months ago.
    • Leads to home service businesses are up 14% compared to 2 months ago.
    • Leads to home service businesses are up 3% compared to last month.
    • Leads to home service businesses are up 150% already this morning compared to yesterday morning.
  4. Smart marketing tactics now = Success in 2020
    By being there to help those who have home service needs, we believe the needs for our home services clients will grow as others drop out due to poor marketing strategies. Home service providers should get into people’s social feeds. People are there more than ever during this time. Have an offer with a purpose to help. Let us write about the offer on your website and get the message out there.

  5. Thoughtful service = Lifetime customers
    It’s important to consider what people are afraid of—not living in a sanitary environment at home. As a home services provider, you can help alleviate those fears by coming in clean and leaving their residence cleaner than you left. Be sure to double down on your sanitation efforts with your team as well, equipping them with hand sanitizers, eliminating the handshake with customers, ensuring the trucks and equipment are wiped down every morning, and having a no-fail standard of booties, gloves, and facemasks where necessary. These all enhance the service experience and confidence your customers will have with your business. There are also increases in interest in water purification, air quality, filters, and sanitation. Take the time to teach customers about how your approach can make them feel safe and provide a healthy environment for their family.

This is a tough time for many business professionals, but by staying close to the trends of consumer behavior, we can weather the storm together and come out the other side stronger than ever. Your community and clients need you. You are a necessary business in this time of uncertainty and now is the time to move your customers from confusion to clarity when it comes to using you as the expert for their home services needs.

For more information and resources to help you and the community, visit our Information Center.

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