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Podcast: How to Keep Your HVAC Company Ahead of the Curve

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If you could take your car to the mechanic and have him flip a switch that made it 30% more efficient, wouldn’t you do it? Max Rohr of REHAU Academy joins The Sharpest Tool™ podcast to explain how this is possible in our buildings — through the work of hydronics. People in Max’s industry are pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency, and our conversation with him revealed several opportunities for home services professionals to create a niche for themselves and their businesses.

Being part of a team exploring new technologies, Max recognizes the difficulty that can come with offering options most people aren’t familiar with. But he advises business owners not to be afraid to sell premium products and services. Remember, your trade and your skills as a trades professional are essential — customers who want the best for their homes will value your expertise.

As the son of two home services pros, Max brings a unique perspective to the podcast. He talks about how business owners can find their passion in the industry, as well as sharing lessons he’s learned over the course of a lifetime in the trades:

  • Identify what you want and what your goals are. Then, find the path of least resistance and how you will make it happen.
  • Communicate with your team.
  • Listen to your customers in order to understand the root cause of their problems.