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Podcast: What Your Marketing Should Look Like in an Election Year

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In a year when uncertainty is the norm, the best resources business owners have are people who have seen it all before. Dan Dowdy, founder of Built for the Trades, and Tim Flynn, owner of Winters Home Services, are two seasoned veterans in the home services industry who share some strategic advice for fellow pros on this episode of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast.

At the start of the episode, Dan and Tim discuss how to respond to the natural dip in business that home services companies often see during election years, as well as the overall unpredictability we’ve all been experiencing this year. Their advice to business owners is to be proactive — the key to softening the blow of a slow economy is to always have a plan. From your marketing strategy to your day-to-day operations, the pair give details on several ways to prepare for the seasonal nature of election years:

  • Maintain consistent communication with your marketing team to make sure your goals are aligned and resources are being spent efficiently.
  • Have thorough training procedures and management structures in place to make sure everyone in your company is properly representing your brand.
  • Connect with other leaders in your community to find creative solutions to your challenges and build out your long-term plan.

For more details on the steps you can take to protect your business in these uncertain times, listen to the full episode.