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How to Build Your Brand Through Video Advertising

Three men behind camera equipment
Casey Shull

Your company's brand is a culmination of all the touch points customers have with you, but the most visible aspects of your brand include your logo, website, and the content you create. One of the easiest ways to connect with your customers is through video marketing - which allows you to showcase your brand's personality easily.

While video advertising on a site like YouTube won’t help you develop your brand alone, it can help you get the word out once you do. Video advertising, made up of video creation and photography, helps support the visual cohesive message you want to get across about what your business is all about.

Bridging the gap between you and your customers

For today’s customers, it’s all about visuals. Gone are the days when you advertised your product or services through radio tubes. Photography and video create a powerful mental image for your customers about what your business provides and adds legitimacy to your expertise in your field. In fact, 72% of businesses using video said that it improved website conversion rates.

Video advertising improves your search engine optimization efforts. Videos often show up under search results under rich snippets (thumbnails of videos), and people tend to click on videos rather than links. Whether those featured videos come from your website or a social media platform like YouTube (which Google owns), you’re getting eyes on your service. So if you want to expand the reach of your brand or keep your geographic reach concise, video helps you rank when people look for your service.

Video marketing overall gives your target audience a look into the who behind what your brand and business are all about. There’s a reason why people get excited to ‘put a face to the name’, and that’s because everyone likes to know who they’re doing business with—especially in, well, business.


Stand out in the crowd

Video marketing does a terrific job of capturing your brand message and engaging your target audience. The problem is, because it works so well, many of your competitors are using it too.

Having a clear strategy for your video advertising can help you save wasted hours and effort of putting video and photography content out there just to keep up with the popularity. Good videos and inspiring images are what’s getting reposted and viewed, while confusing messaging and scattered postings fall into the quiet darkness that is everything past featured snippets.

If you’re in doubt, Scorpion provides a range of video and photography packages that capture the story behind your business and gives it the close-up it deserves. With a structured package, you get a team of experts who know what it takes for video and photography to impact your marketing efforts.


Tell your story

Nothing says success in video advertising like authenticity. Nowadays, consumers want to know the message and people behind the brand. They want to support a business with values that stick to its mission statement.

Video and photography are one of the best ways to present who your business is, what you stand for, and how you can solve the consumer’s problems. They have the ability to put the face behind the brand and give your audience a sense of who you are. As you develop your video advertising content, make sure you’re being authentic and showcasing your brand to your audience in a memorable way.