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Locally Grown Episode 8: Reach Your Ideal Customers With a Facebook Business Page


Remember that time Grandma typed in her Google search as a Facebook status?

Not only is that scenario totally something you’ve had a good laugh about before, but it tells you a lot about how people are using Facebook.

Essentially, if you’re not already equipped with a Facebook page for your business then you’re missing out on all the proverbial grandmas who could have found your services via a quick search. Joe and Andrew break down the most compelling reasons your company needs a FB page.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Personalized ad experiences
  • Facebook groups
  • Fine-tooth demographics for your marketing strategy

Let’s dive in!

“Facebook, as much as people have started to make fun of it as a social network, has been the ruler and creator of the space, since the beginning of social networking.” — Joe Martin

It’s easier than you think

The main trick of building a Facebook page for your business is that you need to have a personal page first. Not everyone is into social media or wants to have their personal info out in the ether, but it’s a necessity if you want to reap the benefits for your brand.

The good thing is that FB basically holds your hand through every step — while also giving you a ton of opportunities for customization.

It’s simple to build and takes barely any effort to upkeep.

Go where the traffic is

Another massive bonus of having a business page is the sheer number of people you’ll be able to reach, both in your neighborhood and around the world.

Facebook is pretty relentless when it comes to getting people to utilize it.

FB also purchased Instagram a few years ago, which reaches a different demographic and allows your brand to show a more personalized or creative side.

The social media behemoth is an analytics powerhouse. They know their users and they’re extremely well organized. It’s basically a powerful search engine with a highly localized focus, and you can leverage its unimaginable amount of data to boost your revenue.

“If you're doing paid advertising or sponsored posts on Facebook, you can use all those demographics to your advantage as well.” — Andrew Adams

Don’t just set it and forget it

Now that you’ve created your business page, it has to be an active player in your overall social media strategy.

While you don’t necessarily have to constantly create new content specifically for your FB page, you can use the platform to promote new blog posts or content you’re sharing via other channels.

Facebook also hosts valuable reviews. Many people head directly there to check out their friends’ and neighbors’ opinions about a brand before trying it themselves.

Building a valuable commonality

The flip side of the complaint coin is community. As everyone knows, nothing is more powerful (and free) than good word-of-mouth, and FB was practically built for that.

We’ve all seen how a rabid fan base can move mountains. If you’re engaging with your target audience and creating a buzz, your Facebook business page will probably rank better than your actual website because it has such a high domain authority.

This platform also has something unique in its Groups feature. In case you haven’t seen the commercials, there are literally millions of groups — if there’s not one for exactly what you need, start one yourself and invite other local business leaders.

Work together. Promote each other. That’s a superb way to get more bang for your marketing buck because, as with everything else these days, FB has become very much pay-to-play.

“In marketing, it's all about getting good reach, but within the people you actually want to reach.” — Joe Martin

A little mini-website

If you’re just starting out on the entrepreneurship journey and funds are super tight, starting a Facebook business is totally the way to go.

An attractive and optimized website that offers a truly great customer experience doesn’t come cheap. A FB page is loaded with info, you can have pictures, you can have reviews, and you can engage directly with your customers for a very low cost.

Plus, a brand-new website isn’t going to rank very well and it’s not going to be easy for the average consumer to find with a basic internet search.

Give people what they want

A recent report shows that 70% of shoppers want a fully personalized shopping experience, no matter what they’re buying.

Facebook allows you to deeply target ads and get really granular on people’s interests. The built-in ad manager isn’t perfect, but it’s simple to use and provides a lot of value, especially if you don’t have a gigantic marketing budget.

Questions? Check out Scorpion’s guide on How to Create a Facebook Business Page: A Simple 5-Step Guide For Beginners.

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