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Google Announces Rename of 'My Business' to 'Business Profile'

Google updates Google My Business
Caitlyn Blair

Google Makes Name Change to Simplify the User Experience of Business Owners

Google My Business, the free tool that lets users control the way their business appears on Google Search and Maps, is changings its name to ‘Business Profile.’ On November 4, Google announced its latest tools for local shops, including the decision to rename the platform. As for the existing Google web experience, the current ‘Google My Business’ website will support larger businesses with multiple locations and will be renamed ‘Business Profile Manager.’

Instead of using the app, Google is recommending that small businesses manage their profiles directly through Search or Maps. Both Maps and Search are apps that most Google My Business users will already have installed. Google has stated that the reason for the change is “to keep things simple.”

Despite the simplicity of the change, the benefits will reach much further than a change in name for the platform’s users. The goal is that this shift will make it easier for business owners to navigate their Google resources in the future. If you have seen our blog that gave instructions on how to set up a Google My Business Page, then you know this process has involved quite a few steps in the past. Now, Google is looking to improve that and make the process easier for both business owners and the customers who are looking for them.

What Changes Can You Expect in Your Google Profile?

Google changes Google My Business name and function

Specifically, it will be easier to claim and verify the profile through either the “Search” or “Maps” app. If you have a business to claim, you will be able to search for it by name, and you should see an option to claim and verify the associated Business Profile. After verifying the business, you will be able to edit the information, including the address, store hours, and photos in the same way you could on the app.

Another feature that is coming to “Search” is customer messaging, which includes read receipts for both parties. This means that businesses will still be able to reply to messages that come through by simply tapping the “Customers” menu. Business Profile users can also look forward to hearing more information about the following changes:

  • Call history launching in the US and Canada
  • Messaging directly from Google Search

  • Read receipts controlled in Google Search and Maps

This would not be the first change for the business profile service. In fact, the platform has changed its name five times since its creation, landing most recently on Google Business Profiles. These decisions are indicative of what Google calls a “test-and-learn” culture and a commitment to evolving for the benefit of the user.

Through all of the changes, Google Business Profile has proven to be a great way to drive traffic to your website, attract new customers, help your search engine optimization and review management and it will continue to be that. In order to get the most out of your profile, it has always been essential to keep it updated with accurate information for your customers, and that is just as important now. As these changes roll out, Google will be making more announcements to help keep your business profile in the loop.