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The Newest, Quickest & Fastest Way to Book

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Scorpion is one of the first full-service marketing partners to offer Google’s Local Services Ads booking feature.

Google has introduced a feature that allows customers to have the quickest and easiest booking option possible. Now people can click a link — directly from your Local Services Ad — to view your schedule, select available time windows, and schedule an appointment.

All with a couple of clicks and faster than a phone call!

Benefits of enabling the booking feature include...

More Jobs, Increased Revenue

Capture more leads and stay ahead of the competition by making your services easy to book. And with Scorpion, every generated lead is input directly into our intelligent-growth platform so you can easily track, follow-up, and manage them.

Faster Scheduling, Made Simple

Take customers from the search page to scheduling an appointment online in a few simple steps. They won't even need to pick up a phone — a common point where drop-off occurs.

Increased Visibility

By utilizing Local Services Ads, your company can be front-and-center of related local Google searches, helping to ensure your brand stays top-of-mind for potential customers.

Bang for Your Advertising Buck

Google’s Local Services Ads are particularly cost-efficient — unlike other advertising options, providers only have to pay for leads generated, not clicks.

Want to learn more about making your Local Services Ads even more effective with this new update? Visit our website or call 866-344-8852 for details.