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Divorce Lawyers: Find Out Who’s Looking for You & When They’re Searching

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What’s the fastest way to attract new divorce clients?

Here’s the answer: Find out who in your area is actively seeking out legal services like yours and then make your firm as visible and appealing to that audience as possible. By meeting your prospective clients halfway, you’ll have a much better chance of getting them to pick up the phone and call your office for a consultation.

However, to do that, you first need to know a little bit about who your prospective clients are and when they search for legal help.

In this post, we use some of our proprietary data here at Scorpion (drawing from hundreds of family law firms’ digital advertising campaigns) to help you uncover some of this information.

The gender divide

According to our internal data from 2019, women are 54% more likely to search for terms related to divorce and divorce lawyers. They’re also 43% more likely to click on a digital ad for a divorce attorney, and they’re 25% more likely to convert (meaning they’ll likely to take a desired action, like contacting the firm, after seeing the ad).

Bar graph showing impressions, clicks, and conversions by gender, with women outperforming men

Another interesting point to note is that this performance remains consistent across all age brackets.

Bar graph showing impressions by men and women across various age brackets, with women outperforming men for each bracket

This isn’t all to say that you should only focus your marketing on female audiences; however, it is smart to keep in mind the demographics that make up the majority of your prospective clientele, as this may impact things like the messaging and images that are best to use in your digital marketing campaigns.

Now that we’ve answered the question of “Who?,” let’s dive into the question of “When?”

When are people searching for divorce attorneys?

Keeping seasonality in mind

For anyone familiar with the stress of the holiday season, it makes sense that most people wait until January to search for a divorce lawyer. Hosting holiday parties, braving the crowds at the mall, and creating great memories for the kids is challenging enough, let alone planning the logistics for a divorce on top of it all. Plus, with the New Year comes the concept of a fresh start, which may mean divorce for many people.

As you can see from the chart below, January is the month when our clients typically see the most ad impressions (meaning there are more eyes on their ads at this time than at any other point of the year).

Chart showing divorce attorney ad impression seasonality, with impressions at the highest in January

Our data aligns with research from the University of Washington, which shows that divorce filings spike in the first few months of the year (as well as after summer) and decline dramatically as the year comes to an end.

Most popular days & times

As for the most popular days and times, our internal research shows that people are most likely to look for a divorce attorney during office hours, starting at 8 a.m. and rising to a peak at 10 a.m.

Bar chart showing the most popular times of the day for ad clicks and impressions, with 10 a.m. being the peak time

And when we look at a weekly view, the beginning of the week is more popular as impressions trail off and searches become much less frequent over the weekend.

Chart showing Monday being the most popular day for impressions, with the volume decreasing with each passing day of the week

Key takeaways for family law attorneys

We can see from the data that women are much more likely to look for a divorce lawyer than men, especially women in the age range of 25 – 54. Therefore, building your marketing efforts to be inclusive of this demographic is a smart strategy when you’re trying to boost your client attraction efforts.

It may also be helpful to increase your investment in your firm’s digital marketing in the first few months of the year, as this proves to be the most common time to look for a divorce lawyer. Also, for the best days and times for running your ads, you can use the time frames mentioned in this post as a general guidelines, but it’s important to do your own testing to see what leads to the highest conversion rates for your firm.

If you want to learn more about how to maximize your digital marketing efforts and attract more business for your firm, give us a call! One of our family law marketing experts can help you determine which strategies make the most sense for your practice.