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Video Examples: How Law Firms Can Foster Trust During Lockdown

An attorney on a live video recording

Court closures and social distancing orders have left many attorneys feeling like their hands are tied when it comes to marketing, but there are still steps you can take to attract potential clients before lockdown orders end. Recently, we explored one marketing tactic that law firms have been using to build a reputation among their target audience: video.

Whether it’s a simple Q&A with one of your firm’s attorneys or a carefully planned webinar featuring experts in your field, creating video content is one of the most effective ways to bolster your visibility and reputation as Americans are stuck at home.

For some guidance on what you should cover, let’s take a look at a couple of the ways our clients are using video:

Address Concerns & Offer Help

Even simple videos on your website or social media pages can go a long way to help potential clients find your firm online. One of our family law firm partners, Embry Family Law has been posting videos to their Facebook page regularly as lockdown and court closure updates have come out. In the videos, the firm’s founder, Ben Embry, discusses some of the situations that have arisen most frequently due to COVID-19, then offers high-level ways they can help:

Another family and criminal defense firm, Camarata & Marren, created a video that takes a similar approach, but goes a step further. In response to an influx of phone calls on the subject, Joseph Camarata, one of the firm’s founders, covers highly detailed, step-by-step instructions for individuals who have child support responsibilities, but are facing unemployment or a reduction in income. He goes on to give details about how to get in touch with their attorneys — including video meetings, a great option to offer if your firm is able to.

Use this precision as inspiration — the more detailed you can be about the actions your firm is taking and the ways you’re able to help, the more effective your content will be in building confidence with potential clients.

Display Expertise & Expand Your Audience

Now is a great time to find creative ways to increase your firm’s exposure. Professionals across many industries are coming together to combat the negative effects of COVID-19, and attorneys are no exception.

In addition to the types of videos we discussed above, Hembree Bell Law Firm recently hosted and recorded a teleconference with a fellow Texas family attorney, in which they discussed the most common questions they’ve received from their respective clients.

This type of content is an efficient way to provide your audience with highly valuable, highly relevant information. Conversations with attorneys whose daily experiences differ from yours offer a fresh perspective, answer questions you haven’t heard, and can introduce you to potential clients who wouldn’t have heard about your firm otherwise. Consider reaching out to peers to see if a collaborative effort could produce high-quality, pertinent content for both of your prospect pools.

Hunt Law Firm has taken this strategy even further, organizing a series of live interviews with family law experts that cover relevant topics for potential clients across their practice areas. These videos offer specific steps for people facing a variety of legal matters during the COVID-19 crisis, and they’re a great idea for firms that want to find new audiences of people that need their help.

Start Building Trust in Your Brand

There is no shortage of people who need your guidance, and now is the time to start building a foundation of trust between your brand and your community. COVID-19 has forced us to pause many parts of our daily lives, but legal concerns come up no matter the circumstances — will you be there to help when potential clients need you?

For more detailed information about how you can build your firm’s brand, grow your pool of potential clients, and come out of this crisis stronger than ever, visit our COVID-19 resource page for attorneys or contact us today.