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Podcast: Help Your Law Firm Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Transition

Scorpion's Peter Webb on Senior Attorney Match

Peter Webb, Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion, once again joined the Senior Attorney Match Podcast to advise lawyers on their Internet marketing strategies as the world begins to transition out of lockdown. This is a valuable time for law firms to closely inspect their future goals, and the episode dives deeply into the ways firms can achieve intelligent growth.

With lockdown orders lasting as long as they have, the data on how consumer behavior has changed during this pandemic has become clearer. Peter discusses how trial attorneys can adapt their messaging to accommodate for these changes and reach new audiences, as well as which trends and expectations law firms should keep in mind even when the country has fully “reopened.” From emerging tactics to high-level tips for improving your client experience, this interview covers all of the key pieces of a successful marketing plan in the current climate.

Watch the full episode above!