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Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning

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Preserving the Past While Looking Ahead to the Future

Going as far back as 1969, Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning has prided itself on keeping the people of Baldwin county comfortable in their southern climate. But when owner and operator Walter Hembree Sr. decided it was time to retire, his son Josh decided to leave his life as a successful lawyer and take over the family business. “I didn’t want to be the generation of my family to let the business go.” But carrying on the family name didn’t come without its challenges.

With Josh taking over, he quickly realized the business wasn’t generating enough revenue. “In all my years growing up, when my dad was operating the business, he intentionally kept it doing around $1 million in revenue. Fast forward to 2017, the business wasn’t big enough to support me and my dad together.” Josh wanted to find a way to maintain the mom-and-pop values his business had been built on while finding a way to grow. He decided to embark on a growth journey.

At the start, Josh reached out to various SEO companies but hit roadblock after roadblock with each experience. “We had companies making big promises and underdelivering at best while not delivering at all at worst.” He didn’t have a clear picture of where his marketing dollars were going, didn’t like the results, and felt like he was still on the lookout for marketing help that understood the needs of Hembree Heating & Air.

Hembree Workers

Connecting with the Right Team

After assessing what wasn’t working, Josh put together four goals the next marketing company would need to meet—streamline his marketing, be the right partner, increase productivity, and contribute to sustained growth.

“I was highly motivated to shift us into a growth pattern, and that was when we hired Scorpion.” After finding their footing with his marketing team, Josh began to see hope for his company. His new marketing manager turned around his previously built website into one that drives traffic and generates leads, advertising strategies were in the works, and his partner goals were within reach.

After years of searching, Josh finally found a partner that delivers. “Scorpion is absolutely a major reason we have grown so much over these few short years, and I am insanely thankful, to say the least.” With his website reflecting the values of his company, monthly reports that tell him exactly where his marketing budget went for the month, and results that are tracked with Scorpion technology, Josh can finally turn his attention back to his business.

Hembree HVAC Worker

Unprecedented Growth on the Horizon

Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning may have started as a locally run company, but their revenue and growth prove they’re starting to become a household name. And Josh isn’t going to stop there. “I know the bigger we can get, the better we can provide for our families and the more customers we can serve.” With their partnership with Scorpion, Hembree’s future looks anything but cold.

“Just in the past few years since our partnership with Scorpion began, Hembree Heating & Air has grown by over 300%.”

Josh Hembree

Owner, Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning

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