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4 Keys to a Great Website Design

Caitlyn Blair

Follow This Formula to Create a Successful Website That Attracts Clients and Keeps Them

If you are a business owner, then you know how important a great website is when it comes to establishing credibility and gaining new leads. If you have tried to create a website before, then you also know it is not as simple as buying a domain and writing a quick company description. To create a positive user experience for your visitors, your website needs to accomplish certain goals. Below are some things you should incorporate into your website: 

Pleasing to the Eye Design

While website design is becoming more advanced than ever, your visitors’ tastes are evolving with it. According to a case study conducted by Clutch, an industry data analysis firm, 83% of website visitors appreciate when a website looks attractive and up-to-date. When it comes to an attractive website design, you will want to curate your site in a way that aligns with your brand’s tone and messaging.

For example, as a law firm, you want to come across as credible, professional, and informative. A sleek design that easily points users toward the services they need will work best for a business like this, but don’t be afraid to add some personal flair to your design. This is where your business’s specific branding comes into play. If you have an individual color scheme or logo that will help users remember your business, your website design is the place to showcase that. If you do not have these key aspects of your brand established, now is the perfect time to do it! We recommend staying consistent with your design across your website and social media platforms to create a seamless user experience.

High Quality Content and Credible Information

When your potential visitors are browsing the web, they are faced with endless options. The last thing you want is to make them regret choosing your website or make them feel like they have wasted their time. To avoid disappointing your audience, we recommend having a clear mission statement on your home page. Your mission statement should define the goals of your business and the value you can bring to your customers. It should set the tone for the high quality content that your visitors will find as they browse your website. Some other important pages to include in order to communicate your value is an “about” page that introduces the members of your team, various service pages that describe your offerings, and blog posts that answer clients’ most pressing questions.

In addition to writing for clarity and credibility, it is also important to keep SEO at the forefront of all of your content. After all, if your pages are not optimized to rank highly on search engines, then your services will not appear to the people who need them the most. If you want to write prevalent content that ranks on Google, it is important to keep the audience’s needs top of mind. Working through this lens will help you find the keywords that your potential clients will be searching for and will lead them in the right direction.

Seamless Navigation

In terms of website features, navigation is often considered an afterthought, but in reality, it could make or break your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, it means that visitors are finding your website and exiting shortly after. They are likely to do this if your website is not user-friendly and is difficult to navigate. With a high bounce rate, even the most carefully crafted, thoughtful content will not create new leads for your business. Seamless navigation features will ensure that your website not only attracts new visitors, but converts them into meaningful leads.

The same case study by Clutch that analyzed the importance of website design also found that almost every user (94%) says that easy navigation is the most important website feature. Easy navigation on your website means that your visitors will have faster, more efficient access to the information they need from your site. Some qualities you will want to implement if you want to get the most functionality out of your website include:

  • Simple, comprehensive homepage design and overall layout
  • Consistent design and tone
  • Specific service categories that are clearly labelled
  • Internal search function
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Effective call-to-action (CTA)

Once all the pieces of your website are working together cohesively, your call-to-action is what will really drive it home and persuade your visitors to contact you for business. Your call-to-action, or CTA, will prompt your visitors to take a desired action. This can include buying your product, contacting or chatting with you about services, or subscribing to your newsletter.

It might take some trial and error to find out what works best for your site and your business. Keeping the points above in mind as you navigate this process will put you at a great advantage over your competitors. For more information and advice on creating a successful website, please feel free to contact the marketing team at Scorpion.

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