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Payment Suite Coming to a Website Near You

Image of different interfaces of the Scorpion Payment Suite

Ready to save time and money? Scorpion is proud to unveil our new Payment Suite option, where you’ll be able to provide a convenient way for your customers to pay. The Payment Suite features popular options to pay, including credit/debit options, user-friendly tools, and competitive rates.

What is Payment Suite?

Payment Suite, located on the Scorpion platform, provides our clients with a convenient way to collect payments from their customers and clients. It’s designed to shorten the time it takes for you to get paid with an easy and secure option.

Our Payment Suite comes with options such as email and text reminders, all while providing you with a straightforward fee with no monthly service or hidden costs. Payments can be taken either in-person using convenient methods such as credit/debit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay or over the phone.

Quit the bill collector role

We’ve been in the business of helping companies like yours grow for over twenty years, and according to our clients, there’s one role they’ll be happy to relinquish.

After a long day working, you and your staff are ready to close up shop, but then your technicians file in, carrying deposit bags like a group of Santa Clauses (but who fix the chimneys rather than come down them), and you have to update the bookkeeping, figure out who still owes, and take the deposits to the bank before they close.

Or you’re a busy new lawyer trying to get your firm off its feet, but along with obtaining and juggling new caseloads, you need to worry about payment collections or paying hefty payment processing fees

Bill collecting and processing at any company is never easy. You need to keep track of invoices, convince customers to pay you (sometimes long after your service for them has ended), and hope you can accept the form of payment they’d like to use.

The new Scorpion Payment Suite checks all the boxes so you and your team can get back to work. Through the new system, you get competitive flat rates, on-site payment options that eliminate the need to carry deposit bags, and funds that are deposited directly into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Adapt the right technology

With so much talk about AI adaptation and embracing the next best thing in technology for businesses, it can be easy to fall for all the bells and whistles. But before you get caught up in all the advancements, keep in mind, for most customers, convenience, friendly help, and speed make the biggest impact on customer loyalty.

By adopting (or improving) your digital payment options, you’re providing the type of services your customers want. They don’t care if their brief was written by ChatGPT or if your Instagram post was AI-generated. They want to know that you’re putting their needs and wants first, and for 46% of customers, they want a digital way to pay. The Payment Suite enables you to provide the type of experience that will keep your customers coming back.

Get in on the Success

The Payment suite has already proven its usefulness to Scorpion clients. A previous fear for Home Services business owners was their technicians carrying cash or handling checks while out on the jobs. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the anxiety and hello to completed invoices.

Now, not only can technicians prompt payment when a job is complete, but they also don’t need to worry about carrying around company revenue. Chimney sweep and venting business Sir Vent knew that problem all too well. Owner Brandon Smith and Operations Manager Jahaira Guilbe were quick to adopt the payment suite system.

“With the Payment Suite, our technicians can process payments out on the road.” Jahaira was pleased to report in our interview with her and Brandon. “Overall, the Payment Suite has made collecting payments faster and easier.”

For attorney Michael Mullen, the Payment Suite has been incorporated into everyday use for his practice. 

“Using the Payment Suite has become a habit. The convenience of everything in the same place across multiple devices has made life a lot easier for me.”

Simplify how you collect payments today

Scorpion Payment Suite works for verticals within the Home Services and Legal clients of Scorpion.

If you’d like to know more about how the Payment Suite can simplify your payment collections today or to get a full glimpse of how Scorpion can upgrade your marketing efforts, reach out to our team today.

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