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Thumbtack has joined the Scorpion partnership lineup

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has come a long way since its implementation in the mid-nineties. The first digital ad was an AT&T banner that only prompted the user to ‘click your mouse here’ with no mention of the brand.

Now, thanks to market research, target audience optimization, and brand understanding of where to find their customers online, digital advertising can be a lot more strategic and effective. Part of that strategy is advertising on the right platform. At Scorpion, we partner with those platforms so our clients get the advantage of online exposure paired with the perks of our team of experts.

Welcoming Thumbtack to Scorpion Advertising

Scorpion Advertising is designed to get your business the biggest return on investment. Our team takes into account your advertising budget and the geographic location of your business, then diversifies your budget based on the advertising channels that will get you the biggest return on your investment.

Scorpion’s current stack of premier partnerships and advertising channels include Google, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, Premium Directories, and a handful of programmatic or CTV providers. And now Thumbtack.


What Thumbtack brings to the marketing table

With the cost of living rising in almost every category (who else is thinking about turning their side yard into a chicken coop?), digital advertising budgets need to work for the client without breaking the bank.

Thumbtack strives to provide profitable jobs that help pros reach their target audience. Thumbtack caters primarily to homeowners searching for home service professionals in their geographic location. With tens of thousands of visitors each day and over 75M projects started, it provides pros a convenient way to get high-quality jobs.

Customers can search directly for the help they need by service, such as plumbers or electricians, view business profiles – including ratings, reviews, and business information – and message pros about their projects directly on the platform.

Our partnership with Thumbtack means our clients who wish to utilize that platform will have their Thumbtack profiles created using information pulled directly from their Scorpion account, and gain the advantage of having Thumbtack campaigns fully automated, managed, and optimized on their behalf.

Current Scorpion clients who use Thumbtack will benefit from:

  • Communicating with Thumbtack leads in the Scorpion Platform
  • Automation to win and close leads faster
  • Consistently optimized advertising budget
  • Done-for-you profile creation and management

There’s no need to worry about logging in to different lead generation channels, including Thumbtack, to manage or monitor your campaigns.

A win for our clients

As with all our partnerships, Scorpion strives to provide our clients with the best advertising opportunities. With Thumbtack, our clients will get more quality jobs, better advertising reach, and quickly connect with their target demographic.

If you’re still considering using Scorpion Advertising to onboard to Thumbtack or other channels or getting marketing help from Scorpion altogether, now is the time to take that first step to grow your business today.