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Video: 3 Ways to Personalize Your Website & Get More Business

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Hi, Chelsea Hall here at Scorpion with your Business Growth Tips. In this video you’ll learn how you can create a more personalized website that converts more site visitors into new customers. First, let’s look at what a personalized website means and what it can do for your business.

A personalized website simply means a website that resonates with a visitor on a personal level. Basically, you want your website to leave visitors with the feeling that your business understands them - and therefore can help them - better than other businesses. When a visitor has a better experience on your site, they inevitably spend more time on your site and develop more trust in your company or brand.

We’ve got 3 tips to help you give your visitors a better experience - which can lead to more visitors becoming customers.

Tip 1: Build your site around your target customer.

Your website shouldn’t be trying to appease just anyone. You’re probably not trying to convince everyone in North America to buy from your website. Your website should cater to the specific type of customer you want to target - the kind of customer that can afford and is in need of your services or products.

  • First, think of who your ideal customer is. Ask yourself:
  • What is this person’s greatest need?
  • What will this person be looking for from a website like mine?
  • What do they need answered?
  • What will this person best relate to, and what might turn him or her away?

Use the answers to these questions to guide your content, your design and imagery, and your page navigation.

Tip 2: Include an About Us page and bio pages.

When you’re deciding on a purchasing decision, you probably feel more comfortable if you’re buying from someone you know or trust. So it’s no surprise that About Us pages tend to be among the most frequently visited pages for websites. Give potential customers the chance to get to know you. Tell your story, and prospects will feel better connected and like they can trust your company better. Feature bios of your business’ key players, with professional photos. Let visitors see you’re a team of skilled professionals who are ready and able to meet their needs.

Tip 3: Showcase stories from real customers.

Want your web visitors to see why your business is the best choice? Let your customers do the talking!

With testimonials, your visitors get to hear personal stories and recommendations from actual customers. This does two things: It shows what it’s like to work with your business from the point of view of someone your prospect can relate to, and it builds trust.

Video testimonials are especially powerful for creating a more personal feel, as the site visitor gets to see the customer’s face, hear his or her voice, and get the experience of hearing the story firsthand.

Don’t let your website blend in with the rest. Create an experience your site visitors will remember! Let us know in the comments what you’ve done to make your website stand out, and follow Scorpion’s video blog for more helpful marketing tips!