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How Scorpion Develops The Best Software For Small Business

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Robert Lukenbill

Every business adheres to the age-old axiom, "the customer is always right." Without customers or partners, a business loses its essential raison d'être. At Scorpion, our partners are our bedrock - without them, our existence would lose its relevance. 

As an innovative software firm, our ambition is to challenge and evolve norms. Our efforts extend beyond simply developing software; we strive to curate applications intricately tailored to our partners' unique needs. Our goal is to design software that improves your daily business transactions with your partners, ensuring seamless efficiency. 

However, it's crucial to remain vigilant about potential pitfalls in our industry. What transpires when software companies prioritize speed and cost, hastily producing software merely to roll out a new product? This question is something that deserves our attention before any new software product is developed.  

The Dilemma: Speed and Cost or Quality?  

Ask yourself this: which is more critical - speed and cost, or quality? What would you prefer to deliver to your clients: a product fashioned quickly and cheaply, or a superior product that demands more time and resources? 

The Balance  

What if I proposed that this choice is no longer required? At Scorpion, we're equipped to deliver both - a top-tier product swiftly, ensuring a perfect equilibrium of time, effort, and cost. This used to be a mere aspiration for small to medium business owners: delivering high-caliber software at affordable costs, without compromising on time or effort. By strategically leveraging quality assurance processes, we can transform this aspiration into reality. 

The Impact of Quality Assurance in Software Development 

Quality Assurance (QA) is the commitment to delivering a product or service that adheres to the highest standards. This is where Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers come into play. In the realm of software development, QA was historically performed by humans who diligently scoured websites for anomalies and defects before a product's release. 

Unfortunately, human error is a given. Despite stringent processes, rules, and guidelines, achieving a 100% error-free product has proven challenging at best. But thanks to the advancements in QA technology, delivering a defective product to end users is becoming as antiquated as typewriters or phone booths. 

At Scorpion, our QA Engineers' role has evolved to delivering software that replicates the behavior of human end users. For example, our Scorpion Ranking product is first class at providing SEO guidance to businesses because of our QA process and the use of artificial intelligence. So, what do QA Engineers do? They devise software that scrutinizes our applications for glitches before they reach our end users, ensuring the delivery of a dependable product. So, what are the advantages of QA automation software? 

Quality, First and Foremost! 

When considering quality in software development, the goal of 'bug-free' software is often the first thing that springs to mind. However, this is a lofty ambition and not the only measure of high-quality software. QA Engineers also assess the performance of a software application under various conditions. We need to understand its behavior across different web browsers, mobile devices, and even under extreme stress. Stress testing allows us to anticipate how the software will perform under the strain of thousands or even tens of thousands of simultaneous users. 

All these tasks, and more, fall within the realm of quality assurance. In essence, QA Engineers are not just gatekeepers of the final product; they act as the guiding hand that gently nurtures the growth of software applications. These applications may potentially be used by hundreds of thousands of users daily. Without robust QA Engineering, end users may encounter disappointing experiences, which could tarnish their perception of your company. Quality need not be sacrificed for speed and cost. In fact, quality today is realized through advancements in technology - technology driven by QA engineers as part of a well-rounded development team. 

The Scorpion Difference 

At Scorpion, we focus on a "check before we ship" model. All of our products are regularly checked before updates are sent to our customers to ensure the highest quality and performance for small businesses who use the Scorpion Platform, Scorpion Advertising, Scorpion Ranking, Scorpion Communications, and all of our other products. This helps to make sure there is no delay in capturing leads for your business, responding to reviews or emails, posting content, and any other project you are managing with Scorpion.