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Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for AI in Google Search?

Discover how generative AI will change your marketing efforts. The future of search is evolving rapidly with Google and other search engines introducing AI and conversational search. The way you approach marketing your home services business will need to adapt. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve with a complimentary Digital AI Audit from Scorpion today.

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EZ Flow Plumbing

With Scorpion, Scott Reisack doubled down on the power of digital marketing—then had to double the size of his team to keep up with the jobs he brought in.

63% Increase monthly calls
64% Boosted monthly revenue
2x Trucks and plumbers

Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning

Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning may have started as a locally run company, but their revenue and growth prove they’re starting to become a household name.

57% Increase yearly lead volume
108% Website traffic
$4M Revenue increase

A-TEMP Heating, Cooling, & Electrical

Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin had the dream of fighting for and helping people who were going through the most difficult times. They partnered with Scorpion to make sure that they could reach those very people—where they change lives every single day.

540% Increase in organic web traffic
70% Increase in advertising leads
50% Increase in total leads

Conversational Search

7 ways that generative AI will change search engines in 2024

Uncover the pivotal shifts that conversational search will bring to your business and how to prepare

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Consumers will move from search to conversation

AI Search will influence consumers to be more conversational in search, replacing queries like “plumber near me” with “My sink is clogged, what plumbers offer same-day repair?” Generative AI search will allow potential customers to be more specific in the questions they ask - and they want to be able to find the answers faster.

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Customer reviews will be foundational to discovery

Reviews play a major role in Google’s generative AI search results. Your average rating and the total number of reviews will affect where you appear in AI search results. Google will highlight real feedback from actual customers to give searchers the most relevant information. To stay on top of reviews, you should monitor your reputation consistently.

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Clear, helpful content will become more critical

As search queries get more conversational, the content on your website should follow the same trend. Your website allows you to showcase who you are, how you help your customers, and what sets you apart from the competition. You should provide prospective customers with important information about your business, the types of jobs you handle, and what they can expect.

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Third-party directories will still have relevance

Google continues to use third-party directories like Thumbtack, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor to answer user questions when using AI search. To ensure you are showing up in these directories, keep your directory listings are up-to-date with correct business information and details about the services you provide.

Future of Search

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Your client experience will differentiate you

Instead of searching “electrician near me,” prospective customers may look for a “licensed electrician who accepts credit cards.” Google’s AI search will look for these attributes in your customer reviews, along with the content on your website. It is important to understand what your customers are looking for in a home service business and ensure that your website and reviews speak to that.

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Specificity & transparency will bring an advantage

As search becomes more conversational, your future customers will seek answers to their most dire questions, such as, “Do I need to replace my entire roof if there is a leak?” Your website should provide answers to questions about price, what customers should expect, and specifics about the jobs you handle. The more specific you can be, the better.

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Demonstrating expertise will elevate results

Google’s generative AI Search also prompts users with follow-up questions they should be thinking about based on their original search terms. These follow-up questions provide another way to showcase your expertise and show potential customers that you’re the right solution for them. 

"One of the things I've come to understand about Scorpion is that they're all about being on the cutting edge with technology. And I feel like they do a really good job of that."
Marv Colby Owner, Evergreen Plumbing
Future of Search

Scorpion helps home services businesses be prepared for changes to the marketing landscape

Scorpion assists home services companies with a comprehensive online approach to ensure that your business is getting the exposure you need. Our services include review monitoring, SEO rankings, digital advertising, and more. Plus, the Scorpion team is at the forefront of changes to digital marketing, so we can always keep our clients on top of any updates.