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The Dwyer Group Recognizes Scorpion as Vendor of the Year

Vendor of the year award

At this year’s 2017 Dwyer Group Reunion held in Orlando, Florida, Scorpion was absolutely thrilled to receive 6 awards recognizing our vendor-client partnership. We were recognized as Vendor of the Year for The Dwyer Group across all of their brands, and Vendor of the Year for the following 5 franchises:

“These awards are amazing to receive and a testament to the mutual respect we’ve felt for Dwyer and the franchises within,” said Eric Tanner, Scorpion’s VP of Franchise Marketing. “We’re very proud of the relationship we’ve been able to develop with them over the years, and they genuinely feel like family to us.”

During the reunion, more than 2,500 global Dwyer franchise locations had the ability to nominate one vendor of their choice for what they viewed as an effective partnership and outcome to their business’ success over the past year.

To be recognized by not one, but five of their brands is an absolute honor! This past year has been met with unbelievable results for not only each brand as a whole, but in their locations around the world, too. At Scorpion, we love that we get to partner with people who are so passionate and dedicated to their businesses.

The Dwyer Group’s Chief Information Officer, Shayne Mehringer, shared, “The award is called Vendor of the Year—but Scorpion’s not a vendor. They’re a partner. The foundation of a great partnership is common values and common goals, and that’s what makes Scorpion a great partner.”

Collaborating is Key

Scorpion works with our franchise clients including Five Star Painting, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, AireServ, and Glass Doctor to get them better jobs from the Internet. Each brand receives a custom, responsive website that serves to showcase each of their locations as leaders in their service areas. We also provide other digital marketing services including paid advertising, video production, social media marketing, content development, online review monitoring, call tracking, live chat, and more. Our Scorpion team works to ensure our franchise clients’ customers are not only confident they’re making the right choice, but looking forward to receiving the outcomes a first-rate business - a Dwyer Group business - provides.

Pam Harper, Executive VP of Strategic Marketing at Scorpion, offered her sentiments regarding the big win.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure to be the person at Dwyer who said ‘yes’ to the Scorpion partnership! Who knew at that time I’d now be a Scorpion standing beside a support team who cares so much about all of our Dwyer franchisees," Pam said. "The Dwyer brands are exceptional forces in their industries, and what makes them stand apart from their competitors is a determination to be more than just leaders. They truly care about their people, their customers, and their partners. Collaborating with them is simply a bonus!”

From the Beginning

Rustin Kretz, Scorpion’s CEO, explained how much the Overall Vendor of the Year Award means to Scorpion—and the motivation to continue to exceed Dwyer’s expectations.

"Four years ago, Jamie [Adams] and I went to Waco, Texas to consult the team at The Dwyer Group about what we needed to do for them to see substantial growth from the Internet,” Rustin said.

Last year, we set records for all of the brands we were managing, and at a meeting with Dwyer’s executive team, Jamie, Dan [Bedell], and I committed to win Overall Vendor of the Year this year. Last week, our goal was accomplished, and we stood onstage to accept the award after setting even more records of success.

Jamie has personally been working with Dwyer for over 8 years, and this has been nearly a decade-long dream of his. I thought it was only appropriate that he accept the award and give the speech. Shayne Mehringer, CIO of Dwyer, said that we are not vendors; we are partners. I felt a huge sense of pride coming from the Scorpion team sitting in Orlando at that moment. What an awesome guy, and what an inspiring thing to say. We committed to their corporate leaders that once again, we're going to do whatever it takes to do this again next year."

When you hire Scorpion, you get a team of marketers who dedicate themselves to the success of your business and work hard to exceed your expectations. Whatever your goals are, we work with you to reach, achieve, and celebrate them.

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