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Why One Scorpion Employee Is Supporting Families Affected by Pediatric Cancer

An image of a little girl high fiving a doctor.
Jill Wilson

Imagine your child is sick.

It doesn’t appear to be anything serious—just run-of-the-mill, flu-like symptoms: a fever, a cough, fatigue, achiness, etc.

So you take care of your child the best way you can and wait for the illness to naturally subside.

But eventually, you notice the symptoms never go away…

And the next thing you know, a doctor’s telling you your child isn’t just sick—they’re gravely ill.

This is every parent’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately, it’s a scenario that more than 10,000 families will experience every year.

And not every child will win this fight.

Scorpion Marketing Account Manager Samantha Nelson knew this firsthand.

During her college years, she volunteered with an organization that helped children affected by pediatric cancer and their families. Through that experience, she met the supporters and families behind the scenes, heard their stories, and knew they could use any help they could get.

So, when she was chosen as Scorpion’s February Employee of the Month (EoM) and given the opportunity to choose a charity for the company to donate to, she knew where that money would do the most good...

The Dragonfly Foundation.

How one parent decided to make a difference

The story of The Dragonfly Foundation began when founder, Christine Neitzke ended up in the same shoes more than 10,000 families have filled every year before her…

Her child was diagnosed with cancer.

When 10-year-old Matt Neitzke was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Christine was devastated. She needed support. She needed community. And most importantly, she needed her son.

Although Christine would get her wish after a long fight—today, Matt is cancer-free—not all families have been so lucky.

Realizing the need for families like her own, Christine launched an organization that could deliver much-needed support during some of the darkest days children and parents ever face.

Today, The Dragonfly Foundation works to relieve the emotional, relational, and practical challenges of pediatric cancer, offering a real sense of community to affected families in the hope of making treatment and post-treatment life as smooth as possible.

Samantha says she knows her company’s donation is going to a worthy cause:

“After having the chance to interact with members of the organization as well as their families, I truly believe that they are unique with their mission and can provide a special support group to every single family,” she said.

If you’d like to help support The Dragonfly Foundation, you can donate here.

Scorpion’s EoM charity donations are a monthly occurrence that are made possible through Scorpion Cares—the company’s charitable giving division.

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