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Episode 9: Donald Schweitzer | Using Focus, Drive, and Teamwork to Succeed

Donald Schweitzer, founder and managing partner at Schweitzer Law Partners, shares how he is bringing a unique perspective to family law by combining empathy, teamwork, and focus.

Three Thing You’ll Learn:

  1. 1. The importance of approaching your clients with empathy
  2. 2. Why you must take care of yourself first
  3. 3. The benefit of being adaptable

Bringing a Unique Perspective to Family Law

Don has a passion for protecting the innocent and prosecuting the guilty. Prior to going into private practice, he served as a Deputy District Attorney for eight years and a police officer for ten years. He credits the experiences he went through in these previous positions with helping form the unique perspective he now brings to his practice.

Be Okay with Change

Don believes that in order to have a successful practice, you have to be dedicated, committed, and understand that things are always changing. You have to be willing and able to work through problems as they come your way.

Approach with Empathy

Often, divorce is an incredibly emotionally challenging experience—but having gone through one himself, Don says he does everything he can to help assure his clients that he will approach their cases with empathy and a deep understanding.

For attorneys, success in family requires a wealth of knowledge and true devotion to the work. Don believes that in order to give clients the service they deserve, you must provide excellence and be committed to trying to do your best in every case you take, and in every motion that you prepare. You shouldn’t guarantee results, but you should promise that you will give the case your best.

Take Care of Yourself First

You have to have focus and drive to be successful—but Don says it’s important that you make time for yourself, too. He commits to regular exercise and a consistent sleep schedule to keep up with his daily work requirements.

“Your mental state is extremely important.”

Don’s advice: love what you’re doing and have a good routine. If you have a good morning routine, you’ll set the right tone for the day, have better control of your schedule, and eliminate unnecessary stress.

“Wake up in the morning trying to be the best version of yourself, every single day.”

Be a Team Player

Great organizations are backed by great people. Don is very selective with who he hires to work at his firm, stating that you have to work well in a team in order to be considered.

“You’re only as good as your team.”

Be confident. Bring in the right people. Strive for excellence.

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