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Episode 7: The Importance of Putting Your Clients First

Three Things You’ll Learn:

  1. The importance of communication
  2. Why you must put your clients first
  3. The value of being honest

The Importance of Trust and Honesty

After a successful career as a law clerk at the San Diego County Public Defender's Office, Scott Spindel decided to pursue a law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He has now handled and won cases involving drunk driving and criminal trials all over Southern California and is the owner of the Law Offices of Scott Spindel.

According to Scott, honesty is the key to success in a competitive market. He knows that with as many lawyers as there are to choose from in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to know who potential clients can trust with your case — and, ultimately, your life.

“A lot of people in my chair are not necessarily honest about what they can do. They are deceptive and they mislead people.”

Building A Foundation

Scott says that some attorneys call themselves DUI specialists before they’ve gained the proper background training and experience. In his opinion, it’s important to absorb yourself in the industry and the particular practice areas you want to focus on.

“My advice to somebody handling criminal cases would be to learn the material, know your stuff and put yourself out there.”

How else can you gain the experience you need to handle DUI cases? Scott suggests soliciting seasoned lawyers and asking for help or advice when needed — he says he wouldn’t be where he is without the guidance of his mentors.

Putting Clients First

Scott says his clients are his #1 priority and he’ll do anything to put them first. He makes sure he’s available 24/7 for calls or emails to ensure his clients are always taken care of. He also takes a team mentality into client relationships, working together to achieve the best possible result.

“The hurdle is proving to people that you are going to fight for them — that you are personally going to represent them and you care. You want to help.”

Measuring Success

Attorneys have found the pinnacle of success, according to Scott, if they can wake up every morning surrounded by their family. Others may be motivated by money or influence, but for Scott, true success simply equates to happiness. He advises fellow attorneys to listen to their clients and teammates, work hard, and enjoy their lives.

“You just have to find what makes you happy. Clear your head and work on things.”

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