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The State of Internet Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

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In the past few years, criminal defense firms have found themselves in a position where online marketing is no longer the best-kept secret or the new frontier. At Scorpion, we offer our criminal defense clients a way to evolve with the times, providing a diversified digital marketing portfolio that goes above and beyond traditional law firm marketing techniques. Leif Berg, Vice President of Criminal Defense Law Marketing, has seen the success his clients experience by having a modern digital marketing presence.

“As time goes on, we’ve seen more and more success for our clients, and it’s become increasingly obvious that the best solution for many firms is in not solely focusing on one golden goose, but to get a whole flock of geese to work on your behalf.”

Our current strategy at Scorpion is to get all our firms to take full advantage of diverse advertising channels. This is an exciting time to be a criminal defense attorney online because there are more opportunities than ever, and we have much more sophisticated strategies for targeting ideal clients. If you are ready to buy into the latest technologies and strategies and you’re willing to make the investment needed to really get a place at the table, there is tremendous opportunity and a lot of attorneys are going to see enormous gains this year and in the future.

“If you take the example of TV ads, criminal defense lawyers have always known that’s a major way to get your brand out to the market, but most firms couldn’t dream of doing that because they didn’t have the budget for it. The other downside is that you’re spending a lot of money to advertise to people who are never going to need your service. With the kind of strategies we do now, such as online video, we can target ads to people who are in the market right now for a criminal defense lawyer and get a much better rate of return than we would have [in the past].

“I think it’s really important for attorneys to know that, with these kinds of strategies, we’re not necessarily doing anything new, we’re doing a better version of what has been done before.”

In 2020 and beyond, Google will remain the final stop in the shopping process for lawyers; so, as that continues to get more competitive, firms that want to be on the short list that potential clients see will have to step up their game to occupy and hold those positions. Everyone knows they need to rank organically, and they need to advertise in paid search results, but Scorpion’s criminal defense clients have the opportunity to utilize even more cutting-edge technologies that take advantage of all the time people spend staring at screens.

“We offer a great opportunity for firms facing the chicken-and-the-egg dilemma of, ‘if you want to become a big firm you have to advertise big, but if you want to advertise big you have to have big-firm funds.’ At Scorpion, you can aggressively market to your own backyard, and as you are able to reinvest into your advertising with increased revenue, you can expand the net and show up in front of a larger area of your market, up to the point where ultimately your firm and your brand is running on all channels to anyone in the right age demographics in your market.”

Our criminal defense lawyers love Scorpion because, when they work with us, they have a true partner who takes a sincere interest in their growth and success. We’re not simply an expense, we’re an investment. We hear time and time again that working with Scorpion is like having an in-house marketing person who’s actually on your team, proactively pushing things forward. We’re constantly innovating for our clients and our strategies anticipate the problems they may run into in the future so we can solve them now. We have a lot of really hard-working and passionate people who take their work and their obligation to their clients very seriously.

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